Hole Pic
Willam Lyrics

God damn it, these damn dirty dick pigs,
No one will send me their face pic
Like I'm not fucking the headless horseman (hello)
I see you girl
That muscle queen don't wear a shirt
from groundhog's day to thanksgiving
no matter how cold it is
So I'm like send me a dick pic
And then I'm like how will that even get in here?
I mean, do you see it? It's totally a chode,
Like thicker than long
I mean, who has a full bush?
You couldn't even work in an Andrew Christian outlet
It's not even trimmed
But then he asked me if I was vers and I was like
Hah, Let me take a hole pic.
Let me take a hole pic
(Ooh) Let me take a hole pic
(Ugh) Let me take a hole pic
I can see your hole pic
Uhh, Can you guys help me pick a filter?
I don't know if I should go with sierra or low fi.
I want it to look real pink.
Should I say D&D free cause poppers are totally fine
I don't wanna seem slutty
but everybody knows I took a fist of pride last year
How about no BB, hashtag Prep, no fists, no fems!
Lemme take another hole pic
Lemme take another hole pic
(Mm lemme take another hole pic)
Can I take a hole pic?
Girl help me take my hole pic
Get closer! Don't just zoom, get in there!
Pos, unsure or neg? I mean I haven't been tested in years
But I'm total- Aaah I'm always safe
It's not like a cinco de mayo or a white party
Bareback is ratchet, I mean especially if he's not cute
Don't try to fuck me with a lube sample pack either
Bring some gun oil!
He said he was straight acting and I said totally, me too!
I topped in 2006
I wish his dick pic was scratch and sniff
Craigslist is the new eBay, everybody's hooking
I like Scruff because hair dudes are like hot loofahs
It's so exfoliating
I guess he liked my hole pic
I guess he liked my hole pic
I guess he liked my hole pic
I guess he liked my hole pic
I guess he liked my hole pic
(Urgggh lemme take my hole pic)
Click Click, Hole Pic!
Click Click, Hole Pic!
Click Click, Hole Pic!
Click Click, Hole Pic!
Ooh it's so blown out!
Turn the flash off! Ugh!

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Comments from YouTube:

Michael Rizzi

BRAVO WILLAM. This will be played at the next pre-drink with the gays.

roy rio

@Joxxer36 Did you even watch the video, there's pretty much no twinks in this video.

Stephanie Kay

OHHH, can I come?! 

Brian Workman

I am going to fucking brag because I deserve to. Listen, it's terrible what you've experienced, but it doesn't change anything about my relationship which is amazing and if it ended tomorrow it'd suck, but the time I'd've had would still have been amazing.

But the point of my comment wasn't to brag it was to highlight how your statement was patently false. If your statement were "Nice to know that this province of Queerdom hasn't changed one fucking bit" then I'd be all, he's right. This section hasn't changed and probably won't change, because some men love clubbing, sexing, drinking, drugging, and all that and the culture of this scene really just feeds itself. It has been there since the scene came into vogue and will continue until it's something else. 

But Queerdom is so much more than this. It is, well, everything queer, not just one aspect.

Lastly, I get the parody that this is. A parody though based on truths, is still a parody. And this one cracks me the heck up.

Kaci Barns

@Joxxer36 well I have no abs I give good face tho lol my IQ is 144 according to MENSA.


Hey look...if you wanna have fun..go for it...nothing wrong with it....and you should evey now and then....ts just to me..you have to be more than a face and abs. the thing between your ears needs to be as big or even bigger than the thing between your legs cause...beauty fades.  and youre stuck with whats left. 

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OMG xo

Baby head... so creepy.. 

Veroosh Tarot & Astrology Horoscope

came back for more lol ... "craigslist is the new ebay, everybody's hooking" rofl

"should I say DND free but poppers are totally fine" lol

Does anyone know where the baby mask is from and where do i get one? lol

alexa mccormack

Future kid: mom sing us a song from your time
Me: click click and a hole pic!

Richard Umphlett

Click click hole pic Heyyy!😁

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