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Let Yourself Go
by Wretch 32

I used to see him every day, I used to rate this guy, Didn't know that they made change that size, Had my whole house on a neighbor's vibe - lookin' out the window he's on a flagrant hype, First guy i saw with the butterfly baura, cut-a-guy aura, had my mum sayin' you touching my daughter,Way too bad breed, half the youths on road, claimed they were family,They got out the beef if you said he's name, first guy rollin' when Fiesta's came,Offkey diss, (????), Champagne sipping with expensive taste!Wait, i'm talking back in the days when, you'll have a tiny little party and you fade when,It weren't BB Pins it was paging, he had Sticks and Stones like the cavemen.Yeah,Man i swear he was a Braveheart, he weren't really playin' games in the SEGA Park, no, couple'o names tryin'a save their arse,'Cause it put their mind at, ease when they made him laugh,Yeah,He had the world on his back, and had the ends in his palms,Yeah,He was the last man standing,Yeah, Because his friends didn't last, Uh,Man i swear he had a legacy, Yeah, street name straight legendary Yeah, and now he's sitting in jail telling this same story like, i wonder if they remember me...How could he be that person,My life's cold, (cold!)When everybody saw you as a king, (king!)And then you get dethroned, (dethroned!)'Cause i don't wanna be that person,Like man she was cold!'Cause everyone saw her as a queen, (queen!) Yeah,And then she gets dethroned...Uh,I used to see her everyday, young youth begging for a hug, with that cute smile i could never get enough,You'll only get a word if you're relevent enough, the type of angel causing hell up on the bus,Yeah,And then she gets dethroned...I'm like man, how you let yourself go?Yeah,Life's cold,Whoa,Yeah,I'm like man how you let yourself go...Yeah,Life's Cold,Whoa,Yeah,I'm like man how you let yourself go...

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