Rushing Elephants
Wu-Tang Clan Lyrics

[Intro: Raekwon]
Yo, yo, yo, what up kid? Yo, these niggaz is back, son
(Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah) I'm telling you, spit that, done it nigga
Yeah... yeah... yeah, yeah, I seen it like a Zenith, man
You hear me man? Word up, man, ya'll know what it is
It's on again, man, for real, Top Gun, what what

Aiyo, we came through thumping like elephants
The new Range is super-charged, I remains intelligent
Back to the formula, lord, hard grammar
This is God school, make sure the lobby ain't jammed up
Excalibur swords, T-Rexes, bibles of rhymes
We in the lunchroom, weed and veggies for breakfast
Polo campus, sicker lances, the crisp
Hundred dollar kick niggas, that be showing you hand steps
Back to the dormatory, where niggas
Broke my forearm and index finger, now you write glory
True holding my flag, it's all engraved in my blade
So when I wave it, you gon' say Rae mad
Now it's 28 Days Later, now Wu's up, do something, you can't
It's blood in my eye, I might get amped
To rip something down, the billboard holders is back
So when you see me, you gon' say he gets down

From darkness to DNA, I move with my brother
And we resonate, energy that shifts in colors
Bringing MC's punishment, then I'm done with it
The meter leave way on the fast break, I run with it
It was not a hobby, but a childhood passion
That had started in the lobby and was quicky fashioned
Every line to line, bar for bar is clockwork
Hazardous and powerful enough to have your block hurt
Check the total amount of MC's inflicted
With torture, from moving with work that's restricted
We criticize producers til they joints are right
Then acupuncture the track with pinpoints of light
Hitting them from well conceiled firing positions
With explosiveness that'll make the deaf listen
Drastic, pyroclastic, connected with the same old
Down the dangerous slopes of an active volcano

Blitz like the Green Bay Packers, sack like the linebackers
Hang with niggas, like redneck crackers
Strangle cold bottles of Beck's, like a vexed German
Duck low behind the car, my tech burning
Neck burning, from eight karats of sunlight
Absorbed, in the grill, Big Pun like
Lord of the Wu-Tang sword, know what that means?
Like J.R. Tolkien, it's the Lord of the Rings
This is my man, Chef, auto, like Grand Theft Auto
The 18th letter, followed by the mark of Zorro
Plus A, not for apple, but I pack an apple
Shorty try to buck back, and knock me off the saddle
Caramel, pecan, sundae, Pregline
Plump breasts, was filled with saline
Her big booty cousin, nasty Nadine
Get you on the floor, whore tried to double team

[Masta Killa]
Is he still that nucca? Is he in the hood like that?
Is he really strapped? Will he really split yo' shit?
I thought you said he rap? Pull up in the yard, ten sets
He ain't flexing, microphone ripping, heat holding
Who testing? Rope-a-dope his black lotus
Can't quote this, chat with the sword tongue
Duck when the axe is swinging, wild Apache drum
Crazy Horse kicking his thoughts, he won't quit
Can't tell 'em nothing, he grown, give the man room
Space was demanded, beat banging through the speaker
Voice, heat seek missle, guided at the listener
Swing to the gospel, catch up and wet at the brothel
Unstoppable, direction of my flow, optional
To the ear, depending on the current of air, the crowd's in

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:


The reference to CRAZY HORSE.

CRAZY HORSE WAS DOWN WITH SITTING BULL. THE GOOD GUYS that kept being fukked over and harassed. Canadian Mounties came about by the guys moving on to more of their homeland the Canadians said is our country. Didn't we inform you. Sitting Bull the visionary. Crazy Horse the kick ass warrior. Beat America's best army at the time. Yankee historical notes said it's because they were worn out and tired. As apossed to the Cheyanne Sioux .ya know. Livin large in all after seeing their women carved up and starved to death.


Nice monument.. the yanks have got some way cool shit more peeps need to learn about. IMHO

All comments from YouTube:


One of the best tracks on the album.


" We criticise producers till there joints are right then acupuncture the track with pin points of light" Brilliant! Wutang forever!

Andrew Goldsmith

Pure Gold right there. 💰

Randel Viddel

There's a reason why gza is the leader an genius 😁

Fly Ty Unchained

raes the best lead off man ever in rap

Fly Ty Unchained

Yall all wilding


Deck is the lead off champ

Oddball Skull

Yea so you can get his lackluster verses outta the way first


Deck. Hands down.

Fly Ty Unchained

I fucks with deck too

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