That beat is just weird as fuck
Nah straight up, keep it real over here

After I hit metamorph, hey
I am a dog, girl abort, hey
Shoot pregnant wife in a Porsche, hey
That is expensive abortion, hey
I ran it up, fuck a portion, hey
Ain't had no family like orphan, hey
Might sell some Xans to the orphanage, yuh
On your face might stomp the yard
On my Mom I'd catch a charge
Play with pussy like guitar
I'm the realest one thus far, hey, yuh
You are just running, a candidate, hey
Your girlfriend said you are minuteman, hey
Bitch, my trap house, it got management, hey
I got no heart I'm a manikin

I got no heart, I'm a manikin
I got no heart, I'm a man
I got no heart, I'm a manikin, hey
I got no heart, I'm a, yeah, ayy
I got no heart, I'm a manikin
I got no, ayy, hey, yeah

And then it cuts
Yeah but, yeah, keep it goin' though
Yeah, ayy, yeah, yeah, ayy, yeah
Yeah, I'm not gon' lie, wifi, you turned up on this shit
Ayy, yeah, look, damn

Like pussy, why you duck my fade?
I stare at Satan in the face
You soft as fuck, like, what the fuck?
I flick my cig and then you fade, ayy
Now since a jit I been in love with that fuck shit
Forty clips causing white noise in her voice
That she sniff no distortions
Half a fat check on my teeth like I'm Norbit
OG gas pack to contaminate lungs
Now I'm higher than orbits
Falling off like Forbes list, put the force into her core
I'm the one like I'm Obi, forcing whores to forfeit
Come within my circle, we gone clip your vocals

I got no heart, I'm a manikin
I got no heart, I'm a manikin, hey
I got no heart, I'm a manikin
I got no, yeah

Lyrics © Songtrust Ave, Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.
Written by: Jahseh Onfroy

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Astro Yt

I’m coming back every year remind me
2017: ✅
2018: ✅
2019: ✅
2020: ✅
2021: ✅
Btw I wrote this comment at 2021 but I knew this song in 2017 and I had a different account so yea calm down

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Userr Namee821

One of the only x songs not to be taken over by 12 year olds


@DivineKami BRUHHH wtff that shits hard af to recall even for me thats a fire ass come back i fw you.. i love how you named the best fuckin songs


@Fx Hornet fax he literally said he wanted us to love and show anyone new too him the good shit dont hate and show what we are all about instead it was turned into a toxic ass community taken over by so much negativity..

Yung Gawd

@Upu Filoa stfu

Yung Gawd

@AsapJoshua wtf same


real talk, grown ups here😤

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This is the most underrated X song of all time. He doesn't rap on slow dreamy beats like this, except for this song and he kills it.

Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy

@Lil Aces your probably a kid here vro


@21 TON good shit people need to be positive and able to share a opinion without getting mad and find a common ground.. i hope you manage to permanently change your mindset like this and it wasnt just a few minute enlightening. Much love on your journey


@Lil Aces literally i feel like these guys dont know the half of it. he grew to accept it and love his mom yea, but that doesnt change what she did do too him and that she did use his death as a money grab and x would def be mad hurt seeing it. i hope in heaven he doesnt have to look down because it would ruin his afterlife too... and thats just a sad reality

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