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ProMeTheUs 튀겨
Yankie Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Yankie:

24 서울 시티 높다란 빌딩 이 지역 1등 MC me 불만…
ANDRE Andre 그래 가 저 멀리 해 뜨는 곳 자 날아봐 I let…
EXOrcist 워이 물러가라 잡귀 어서 오신 뉘신지 집안을 들썩 들썩 들쑤시는지 워이 물러가라…
Me 그래 빨간색 잠시 정지했어야 돼 내 꿈 더 휘저었어야 해…
ProMeTheUs Dok2) I'm just ridin around in my city 내 프로메테우스호는 matte whit…
Purple Night 비가 그친 밤 close my eyes 나 그대를 그려봐요 그대…
Sold Out Loco) 달리는 기관차 내 손님은 어머니 어둠을 헤치고 난 은하수를 건너지 목적지…
똑바로 써 내 이름 Spell My Name Right 샤크 바클리 34 I'm hot and cray 난 찰리 채플린 잘…

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Huile Poire

So, from the way i see it... We have :
- Dok2 - Greed (We all know Dok2 is all about dem gold chains gold watches. A pretty materialistic rap verse, also. And his drinks and eyes started burning when the other monster touched it.)

-Juvie Train - Gluttony (He possesses the "holy rap" book, yet says a lot of things as not being enough, wanting more, even when he's the god of rap. To me, he's represented as one of those gods ever longing for more, so yeah, glutonny. And his army is composed of mouths.)

- Don Mills - Sloth (Sloppy baby, sleeping, and saying he has no energy at all. "I'm running out of energya already, I'm almost done." & "they say perfectionniste, but lazy" )

- Yankie - Wrath (Destroys everything around him, pretty harsh with his words, talks about destroying and overcoming, water and fire, boom boom boom, explosions. And pretty angry rap, too.)

- Double K - Pride ("I'm something real", "my attitude that doesn't fail even if the time passes by", "i'm just getting better and better, everyday everyway" "i'm on another level, different class motherfxcker". And Dodo's wearing a trendy suit, smoking cigarrette, fancy looks. Walking into a super long hall, living in a castle, all by himself. Impersonating the arrogance of the successful nowadays ?)

- Rap Monster - Lust (He's a pig surrounded by very lightly dressed women.. What else ?)

- TopBob - Envy (This one is the hardest for me. While the video could actually show some kind of keyboard warrior, the new generation haterz, with a cliche, nolife guy, playing video game, no friends, commenting on his own pictures a hundred times, masturbating on porn, etc... The rap verse actually really looks like a message sent to the haters, and the video would show one of those haters he's dissing ? So that Envy would be about being the cause of a lot of envy.)

It appeared to me that it was very.. "rap game" related, so it's like a impersonation of the seven deadly sins in a hip hop context. That's why some may be harder to express than others. But I really liked it, nice song !

Tiffany Eztrada

rap monmsters part

but right now nobody recognize it
old farts who’re nothing but bluffs
they tryna undersize it
I’m a narcissist with perverted tendencies
I poke myself often
I kiss my own tightness
Who the damn mufucka do
really wanna fight it
I just like the arts
more than any kind of alcohol*
bastard, this is the cocktail bar that RM has laid out
you’ll drink them as I give them
please subdue my flame, after just taking out my fire
ah, oppa, I like it, please hit me a little more
Show what that bitch about
just try running your mouth
Show me what you got yo what you bout
Me gone headed to the top
make yo bitch rock but you not
I believe my team
me and my friends, we makin’ dreams
we’ll kill you half-dead with rap, come at us
call me rice wrapped in Kim**

* = “the arts” in Korean is 예술 and alcohol is just 술, which is where the alcohol and cocktail bar references come from
** = this is a double whammy pun. firstly, obviously Namjoon’s last name is Kim, but “김” in Korean also means seaweed, so he’s playing off “seaweed-wrapped rice” and his own last name. however, 싸먹다 also has a secondary meaning of quickly and efficiently finishing off something or someone that you don’t find important or worth your time, so in this case, he’s the Kim who finished off the “rice” (his less talented and less impressive opponents).

trans cr; @BTS0222

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jayda otto

@yongvision seokjin come collect your mans 😂


He gave you a "Big Hit"

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"I kiss my own tightness" - Rap Monster

Pls print this in golden italics on my grave pls and thanks

shelby alexa manalili

No wonder hes a virgo


sure wiill, let me contact some ppl-

Vaghela Jiya


simp for hoseok

@yyoveltube Bro😹

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