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Zora's Domain
Yasuaki Iwata Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:


This is hands down the best youtube channel i've stumbled upon in the last 10 months. Everything you do is absolute gold and i cannot believe you have so few subscribers wtf!

Music Design

Huge thank you, Osoch! Thank you for your kind words!

Third Age Games

I really enjoy these breakdowns. Please keep them coming. They’re great as a gamer and a musician👍

Music Design

Thanks, Third Age Games!

Frank H

Amazing work as always!


I just stumbled upon this channel and I have to say its a Gem! keep up the great work and the subscribers and exposure will come!

Music Design

Thank you, Adrii, for your kind words.

Atlas Royale

I gained a new appreciation for this song thanks to this video, it's been stuck in my head since. Your channel is so helpful for more accurately analyzing music and learning new techniques. I wanna thank you for all the great work you do, bro!

I'm curious if you'll ever revisit Mario Galaxy. I'd like to learn more of that game's musical techniques, and you have a really good ear for the finer details. I really want to know what that sine wavey synth noise that was used in the overture is. It's less of an instrument and more like this echoed whistling noise, you'll know what I mean. Up to you, tho. Thanks again, man, keep it up!

Chris Mingay

great video and such a fantastic idea for a series, especially as someone who has no musical know how. you break things down really well and I'm genuinely surprised how few views this has

Jingle Horse

hi firstly i love your videos just wanted to say ive watched literally all of em but i was wondering if u could release the project files? it would greatly help me study these pieces more

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