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by Young Thug

She got the red bottoms with cheetah print
She got that python Louie pocketbook
And her leggings from an ostrich
I got a snakeskin duffle full of mints
I got a gun that'll kill an elephant
My little bitch flyer than a pelican
She got a jacket made of sharkskin
And there ain't no place she hasn't been

She from the jungle, she from the jungle
Big tall Amazon out the jungle
Jungle, she from the jungle
She just a rose in this concrete jungle
Jungle, jungle, I introduced that girl to my anaconda
Jungle, jungle, I'm just like Tarzan living in the jungle

Shake your ass for Young Thug cam you little nigga
You killin' all these strippers, Brian Nichols
I'm ready to make a dill, no pickle
Girl, I'll make you famous, you'll blow up, like a missile
Boom, boom
Hoes with no class, you know that's truancy
I see your ass, I'm pursuin' it, don't ruin it
I'm going to jail for influencin'
You done shake your ass for all my (?)
Guap boys, (?) Louie sandles, no Deion
I got a stick that'll light up the room just like neon
We done have a ball here, rich baby just like (?)
Straight out the jungle, jump any bitch like kowabunga
Got birds so she know they (?)
Spend a half milli on my face like (?)

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Comments from YouTube:

Justin Marcell

Only real Thugga fans heard ICFN and 1017 Thug

Raw Dog TV

You ain't bout that life kid. Relax

Stakk Boy Lo

1017 thug

Riley Symons

1017 thug is one of the best tapes ever




and icfn2

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Almighty FO

Crazy how I heard this 2 years ago and now young thug finally famous now

Buni Amobi

Just dropped a vid with chris brown! Way more famous now


@Top Comment Wayy mo famous now

Top Comment

@PRINCE J hes even more famous now

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