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Younha Lyrics

나는 잘 지내
끼니도 거르지 않았어
그저 시간이 멈춰있어
굳이 잊으려 하지도 않아 그래

네가 맞았어 죽을 것 같이 아팠지만
나름대로 잘 지내게 돼
허전함이 날 조금 괴롭히는 것만 빼면 말야
참 보고 싶어
길을 걸을 때
나를 감싸주던
따스했던 네 맘이 그리워
발을 맞추며 설레어하던
사랑했던 우리가 그리워
난 oh
그때가 그리워 oh
참 보고 싶어

먹구름이 날 찾아와
어둡게 하고
괜찮던 맘을 괜시리 아프게 할 때면
Ah ah 너를 잊어야 할까 oh

길을 걸을 때
나를 감싸주던
따스했던 네 맘이 그리워
발을 맞추며 설레어하던
사랑했던 우리가 그리워
난 oh, oh oh oh
그때가 그리워 oh
참 보고 싶어

시들어 버린 꽃
찢겨져 버린 맘
부서져 버린 날
두고 떠나간다면

홀로 남겨진 나는
오늘도 애써 괜찮은 척 펑펑 울어야 해 ah ah

길을 걸을 때
나를 감싸주던
따스했던 네 맘이 그리워
발을 맞추며 설레어하던
사랑했던 우리가 그리워
난 oh oh oh 그때가 그리워 oh
참 보고 싶어 oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh

Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group
Written by: Dong Gwan Kim

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Most interesting comments from YouTube:


@D. K. Hapsari Hmm. Yeah. That was true.

+But I can understand why those major labels rejected her at that time.

Even though you are pretty and a good singer and plus a good dancer altogether, It is really difficult to succeed in the kpop industry.

(I know looks are not everything. But.. the competition going on here is really insane. really, honestly. So I can understand those labels 100%.

Countless newbies emerge and collapse less than 1 year. And it repeats every year.

So.. yeah.. I get what you wanna say hapsari.)

Rausyan Safwan

My favourite of all younha's song

1. Houkiboshi
2. Its Okay
3. Broke Up Today
4. Waiting
5. Pray
6. Dark Cloud
7 Say something
8. Audition
9. Winter Flower
10. Password 486

And just too many to list . I love her vocal and voice. 😍

SSJ Spark

그저 그대로라서 너무 좋은, 첫 짝사랑 같은 가수.

계속 듣다보면 아무튼 누군가가 생각나게 만들어 주는 가수.

그래서 결국 슬프지만 그 추억으로 오늘을 또 살아가게 해주는 가수.

고맙습니다, 윤하씨.

All comments from YouTube:


Since most of you children don’t know who this lovely woman is, which is fine, nothing wrong with that. Allow me to introduce you to Younha. Debuted in 2008, and has been a well-known and respected artist in SK. Some of her biggest hits include “Waiting”, “Comet/Houki Boushi” (for all my anime friends, that’s the 3rd ending from Bleach) and “I Believe” (my personal favorite). Her style I would say can be pretty versatile, from a pop-rock standpoint to a soothing ballad like this one.

The Buko Studio

Still, my favorite song from her is Owakare Desu Ka?

D. K. Hapsari

@RAVOAVY Njaravololona Tiavina Same as me. I listen to Houki boushi without knowing that she is a korean. Her voice really has Japanese singer's vibe.

RAVOAVY Njaravololona Tiavina

I knew her from Houki Boushi. I thought she was japanese so when Unstable mindset came out, I was a bit confused because it was in korean

Paul Path

It might be an unpopular opinion but I really like Motto Futaride and Ima ga Daisuki as well as Touch, perfect day to say i love you

Asyura Kazuma

@Lena you are still baby when she debut in japan. I knew about her since 15 years ago. Children doesnt directly mean children. Its to describe newbie who know nothing about legends like younha. Not many people knew people in south korea initially gave her the title nation little sister after moon geun young. Not many people knew she almost debut with sm entertainment, not many people knew she is actually really good in dancing, not many people knew about why she drop the title of nation little sister after for just one year, not many people knew she almost quit from her career years ago. If you know all about her, you surely an og just like me

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Kou Vue

The fact that she wasn’t accepted due to her “looks” (which is not true because she looks beautiful) when she tried to debut/start in Korea is infuriating. Glad she didn’t give up and kept pushing forward making her own style of music. What a blessing she is as a singer to many.

atefeh hosseini

Wait whatytt she is soooo pretty

D. K. Hapsari

@폼이 i am sorry if i am not really intellectual enough about this matter. you're right. i don't know anything about this. i am not really into Kpop actually so i can't explained it well how i felt or know. Thank you for correcting me.


@D. K. Hapsari i dont know why you think like that. and she succeed surely enough in korea and she doesnt use her fame in japan as a momentum for her career in korea. In mid 2000, there were tons of female soloists without good looking. Moreover it was not an era of idol singers. Just ballad and rnb was main genre in korea meanwhile rock is mainstream in japan. Thats the reason why she choose her career in japan. I hate int fans who try to be intellectuals without any knowledge. Have you ever heard of legendary female solo singers like yangpa, lee sun hee, yoon mirae who succeded in industry who were not pretty at all? Younha is already a legend singer in korea. Music industry should consider artistry and marketability both.

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