demoz Lyrics

(verse 1)

y'all mother fuckers woke a demon up
The bullets splatter through your spleen and guts
The whole click duckin they PO, they need to pee in cups
We murder shit like everything the Europeans touch
I don't even talk to mother fuckers that could lead the trust
We on our D and devils only deal with greed and lust
Feed an elephant with bear hands and take his lead and tusks
Anytime you hear a cop was murdered best believe its us
Jus Allah load the glock put em in norweigen dust
I ain't I sucka I was born with hercules in us
Strangle snakes, dangle grapes fed by European sluts
Y'all know where to come to when you need the fuckin trees and dust
Ayo D?? I need by ?? these fucks
I got the power to devour trees , seas and such
I got the power that's the caliber of jesus touch
It don't matter the caliber I proceed to rush
Vinny on a whole nother algebra than the Greeks could touch

(verse 2)

Let me tell you lil somthin bout a nigga named Maz
Look in his eye you could see the evil if you high
You could notice a little nigga that's eager for the sky
Behind bars scarred like jesus when he died (when he died)
Nigga I was in the hole for a whole 6 months gettin high off the reefer thinkin why
I'm with the roachs and rats hopeless and ?? line and line and the hole in the crack
Nigga I was in the hole tryin gettin my back, niggas snitchin and Ceo tryed gettin my bag
But I don't give a fuck about a snake or a fag a hater id rather see Adolph paid off, laugh
This is real life fuck gettin paid off rats
And sellin my soul to the devil gettin paid off rappin
Mozerade, Maz , Pazienza clap boys ?? back man you still screamin duffle bag boys

(verse 3)
Jus Allah

I have lived a century
I've tapped into my 6th sensery
I am a potential enemy
My entire inner chemistry, every inch of me, is divinity
Unequivically supremacy
I am undesired energy
Sends friendly, sends empty
Show the prince of peace no clemency
Give him an extremety of insensitivity
Let his kid and ministry witness his disassembly
I just lost sufference, undestructive, unproductive, tussid
Not much substance, thuggage
Above judgement
Unaware of any error of delt
Where it counts I'm a fair amount of paramount
I am body a monopoly of ungodly
The ????????
My apology, arrid, insencarity, carity, buried generic its hilarity

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Comments from YouTube:

Poncho_ X

This track will forever be one of Jedi's greatest songs dude. I absolutely love Jedi Mind Tricks man, one of the few true hip hop groups that was left during their era.

John Smith

I like how sometimes when Jus's verse is last in the song there's a longer instrumental before he starts. Its like we are being prepared for the god. I know lots of people don't like his new style. I prefer his old tone myself (violent by design era) but his new one does grow on you. His lyrical ability has just gone from amazing to supreme now though

Poncho_ X

I think he's just as good as hes always been, if not better dude. Either way though, he for sure just absolutely fucking DESTROYS his verse in this song man.

timbo slice

Ya except that babygrande bitch ruins it lol

Poncho Onchmoncho

These dudes are STILL the best in the game man. No doubt. Nobody spits rhymes quite like Vinnie Paz or Jus Allah.

otto toot

"Beat an elephant with bare hands and take his bleeding tusks" PURE VINNIE !!!!!!!!

Immortal Technique

jus allah is soooo good

bruno ban

vinnie,jus and stoupe...holly trinity

Rambam 7

+bruno ban Yeth.


Vinnie paz murders this beat

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