Nubibus Atris
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Si mare volvens
turbidus Auster
misceat aestum,
vitrea dudum
parque serenis
unda diebus
mox resoluto
sordida caeno
visibus obstat.

Nubibus atris
condita nullum
fundere possunt
sidera lumen.


Overall Meaning

The song "Nubibus Atris" by sToa is a beautiful and haunting piece that speaks to the turbulent emotions that can often come with the onset of darkness and uncertainty. The first stanza speaks of the ocean whipped up by the tumultuous southern winds, churning and frothy. What was once a peaceful and calm sea, reflective of the serene days past, is now covered in murky sediment, obscuring vision and preventing peaceful reflection. The second stanza alludes to the darkness represented by the black clouds, covering the sky and obscuring the light of the stars.

Line by Line Meaning

Si mare volvens turbidus Auster
If the turbulent South wind rolls the sea

misceat aestum, vitrea dudum
and mixes the waves, glass-like just before

parque serenis unda diebus
the calm waters of serene days

mox resoluto sordida caeno
soon become cloudy with dissolved mud

visibus obstat.
blocking the view.

Nubibus atris
The stars are hidden

condita nullum
buried with no chance

fundere possunt
to shine through

sidera lumen.
by black clouds.

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