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Lalalalalala, Moto Moto
Lalalalalala, Moto Moto

She loves me, she loves my eyes
She loves me, she loves my thighs
She love my roundness, she
Loves that I'm chunky
She love that I'm plumpy
She loves my heftiness
She loves my zestiness
She love me restlessly she love me forever
She love me, 'cause she loves you

Lalalalalala, Moto Moto
Lalalalalala, Moto Moto

Lalalalalala, Moto Moto
Lalalalalala, Moto Moto

Overall Meaning

The song "She Loves Me" by is about letting go of someone you love and seeing them move on with someone else. The singer reflects on the moment when his ex-partner told him that she was leaving him for someone else. He watched her walk away and felt that it was the toughest thing he ever had to do. They promised to stay friends after the break-up, but when she found someone else, the singer realizes that being friends was not enough.

The chorus with its upbeat melody and catchy lyrics is where the singer expresses his heartbreak at seeing his ex-partner in love with someone else. He describes her smile as lighting up the sky and how it seems that she's walking on air. He's happy for her but also envious that it is not him. He knows that he has to let her go and that she has to be happy with someone else, but this realization is still difficult for him to accept.

The song's theme of heartbreak and moving on with life is one that many people can relate to. It captures the conflicting emotions of letting go of a loved one and watching them move on with someone else. The song also emphasizes the importance of communication in relationships and how even after a break-up, it is possible to remain friends.

Line by Line Meaning

Third of June she said goodbye
On the third of June, my partner ended our relationship

I watched her walk into the night
I watched her leave in the darkness, alone

The hardest thing I ever did was let her go
The most difficult decision I ever made was to let her leave

We swore as friends we'd stay in touch
We promised to maintain a friendship despite our breakup

Best of friends don't mean that much
However, being friends may not be enough to keep us close

When that phone call comes to tell you She's in love
The news that she has fallen in love is a difficult one to hear

She's in love
She has found a new romantic partner

She's got that fire in her eyes
Her eyes show the passion and excitement of her new love

How her smile lights up the sky
Her happiness is contagious and it brightens everything around her

It's like she's walking on air
She seems weightless and elated with her new love

She's been set free
Her new love has liberated her from something that was holding her back

Still I can't believe She's in love
I am having trouble accepting that she has moved on

Strolling down a one way street
She is confidently moving forward in her life

Looking like every man's fantasy
Her appearance is attractive to many people

You'd swear her heart had wings
She seems to have an abundance of love in her heart

Told everyone I'm doing fine
I have been telling people that I am handling the breakup well

Learned to get on with my life
I have adapted to my new situation and moved forward

I just want what's best for her
My priority is her happiness and wellbeing

So I lied
I lied to myself and others about my true feelings

Found a note on my door last night
I received a letter from her recently

Said, I'll be your friend until I die
She expressed her commitment to being my friend forever

But you should know I found someone
However, she has found a new love and moved on from our relationship

Why can't it be me
I am wondering why I couldn't be the one to make her happy and be her partner

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