Mars Lyrics

Yo no soy el Mar
Que es el agua y que es la sal
Soy tan solo una ola que
Vino se rompió y después se fue
Si alguna huella quedó
Seguramente el tiempo la borró
Porque las olas siempre vienen
Porque el mar no se detiene

Yo no soy el Sol
Que es la luz y es el calor
Soy tan solo un resplandor
Que aun no ha brillado cuando ya se apagó
Y aunque tu luz y la mía
Son sólo un punto de energía
Generalmente los destellos
Mientras más cortos más bellos

Ni el Mar, ni el Sol
Ni la brisa que acaricia tu cara
Ese no soy yo
Ni el Mar, ni el Sol
La melodía que cantas cada mañana
No soy yo

Alguna vez pensé en lo que vendrá después
Pues nada puede evitar que el Mar se seque, y el Sol se apagará
Ya que es igual para el Mundo cien mil años y un segundo
Porque la vida es sólo un grito, porque nada es infinito


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One by Land, Two if by Sea Run if by Air

@Pete B It would help if people thought about this like the Inverse Square Law, and considered the 14 minutes signals travel at light speed from Mars. Too many video games is right.

That relay array sounds intriguing. I was completely unaware of it.
That could be a big help. I've always respected the ability of people to control by sending commands, and then find out what happened with a 25 minute delay... before the next step. It's really an impressive feat.
Any bandwidth upgrade would be exciting.

I think the transfer rate is like 1kb/second from Pluto or something. But people would probably expect streaming video from that too.

I guess pictures are now outside of the human attention span. Sadly.

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Froot Loop

I can't wait for that 'image' when a UAP is caught in the camera frame examining Ingenuity.


NASA be like… “okay… that’s enough for the day! Good work team! We released the lock!”

Heather Hart

I'm super excited to see Ingenuity fly!!! My eyes are glued to every news article or video I can find of Perseverance & Ingenuity!!!!! 😂🤭🎉

John Lee

@The Highway Man Now that you mention that, I remember it. Should have added successfully.

The Highway Man

@John Lee Not entirely true, In 2003 the British Beagle 2 successfully landed on Mars but was unable to communicate back to earth after two of its solar panels failed to open and blocked the antenna off so it could not communicate back to earth. America has done it with 100% success on more than one occasion.

Sherry Lisby

Same here!

John Lee

@NightBazaar Me, three. It's amazing what our NASA scientists are capable of. Geniuses. America is only country to have landed robots on Mars and have done it several times.
What a waste of a perfectly good planet location in the "Goldilocks zone".
An Earth there would be inhabitable. Even an Earth where Venus is might be inhabitable.
Hope first Martians speak English and not Chinese.


yup yup!

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Alexander Seeley

Can I just say that I really appreciate the consistency of your videos and how there is never any obnoxious music or unnecessarily long intros. Just concise, to the point information. This channel is one of my primary sources for staying up to date on the Perseverance Mission.


That means in your next 3rd video we can see ingenuity on Mars surface..🤩🤩🤩🙌🏻🙌🏻

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