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Katy Perry Lyrics

Electric Electric In the dark, when you feel lost Wanna be the best,…


on Box

I was trapped in my own thoughts and couldn't escape

I was closed off to the outside world and not receiving any communication

When I took a broader perspective on my life

I was unaware of the passing of time or new beginnings

I had a realization that struck me hard

I realized that not everyone would support my choices

I was uncertain about the future

I had to let my inner desires guide me

It was an exhilarating experience

When you gain new perspective and awareness

As if seeing things for the first time

Unexpected but exciting

I started breaking free from my limited thinking and behavior

Pushing past my previous boundaries and limitations

I refused to conform to the expectations of others

I was always aware that I needed to make a change

When I stopped being passive and found inspiration

I had been living differently than before

I was determined to continue my new way of living no matter what challenges came my way

I had been living with my own weaknesses and flaws

My insecurity and lack of confidence often held me back

I reached a breaking point and needed to take action

I had to let go of my past patterns and habits that kept bringing me down

I realized that others were not supportive of my choices

I couldn't keep conforming to please others

I made a choice to live my life the way I wanted to

I was breaking free from the expectations and constraints of others

I was saying goodbye to following the crowd

I valued being clear about my intentions and goals

It only requires a small effort

I needed to identify my true desires and separate them from the influence of others

I was more deliberate with my choices and actions

When I removed the barriers that previously held me back

Embracing a new, unconventional way of living

Challenging the status quo and taking risks

John P Winder

on Dark Horse (feat. Juicy J)

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