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Amalia's Theme
Kayo Dot Lyrics

Delphi it drew us
Over the touchscreen
Delphi it threw us
Up like a stone
In sheep's clothing
The gods that roil
Inside of us
As she whistles her sweet
Out by the poolside
Ravings of suicide
As Athens is burning
Plots and visions
Empty amber bottle
The sky is blue today
Gone tomorrow
Castalian Spring
Watching clouds
Amalia nods
Shield shroud
Of moonbeams sacramental
Poolside cigarette smoke
That gyres up like prophecies
Glyph in dragging blood
Amalia swayin' through the
Hotel corridors
Shuffling through the
Thousands years
Oracular and wandering

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Comments from YouTube:


The main reason I love anything Toby creates is because I cant name a single band that sounds even remotely close. He creates such a unique style and he does this across many genres. I cant wait any longer for this record!

Jigen Sylvain

@Doom Mantia True. maudlin of the Well, and Kayo Dot are like night & day. No album sounds the same with Kayo Dot. I'm actually looking forward to Blasphemy, which comes out in 3 days from the time i am writing this. These are 2 of the greatest groups I have ever come across for various reasons. When I worked at Staples, and figured out how to make posters, i made giant posters for Coffins On Io, and Plastic House on Base of Sky.

Doom Mantia

But then like no two of his projects sound the same.


The unique and peerless nature of Toby's music is what makes it so incredibly refreshing (and also frustrating at times, haha). You can't go to any particular record of his with a specific reference point in mind. You have to take every record on its own terms, and, through a bunch of repeated listens, watch Toby & Co. blow your fucking mind.

officially this is one of the best songs I've ever heard

Andrew McInnis

@NoJoshinJoshy based of this syd tune


Still haven't found anything as addictive as this song/album

Kyle MacDonald

A thousand listens in and it still holds up. Timeless.

Merlijn Toby

the part at 2:56 is one of the most perfect moments in music i've ever heard

Ambiguous Dust

I love the emotional climax that the theme from the begining of the song plays again right before he says Amalia's name at 5:10

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