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Ulver Lyrics

The sun is far away
It goes in circles
Someone dies
Someone lives
In pain

It is burning
Into the thin air
Of the nature
Of a culture
On the dark side
Under the moon
The wolves gather

Contributed by Adalyn L. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Im sick about the picture from this album cover. It is something primodial in there.

Evil Paradigm

I can't carry forward with my life when I feel such sorrow for people and nature that is suffering so heavily under the wheel of humanity.

Animals don't understand what is happening, but they understand nature and their world more than anyone of us ever could.

But how different are we from the beast standing under the sun?


Its name is Apis, son of Hathor. The one reborn.

Rethink Everything

^ Parabola and the locus of the supreme focal point in my experience- Sacred Science; I could elaborate, but very few will understand.


its a beautiful picture for me, eos is about life and death of elements. There is nature and the force that drives us all at back. + The outstading capture of the photographer.

Oscar Lundell

Im not one for spiritualism or stuff like that but there is something mighty about it. Calm, serene even, but powerful.
A familiar presence. I long for something but know not what.

Goes well with the music

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Being a fan of Beavis & Butthead, on a hot summer day I told my friend "The sun sucks." To which he replied, "Alright, I have a CD you need to listen to." This music has accompanied some of my lows since.

Damjan Stojanovski

Your friend knows what's up.

Romain Fiakaifonu

Purify your ears and your soul at the same time.


Someone dies Someone lives In pain... -life described in 6 sentences so true...

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