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Ulver Lyrics

The sun is far away
It goes in circles
Someone dies
Someone lives
In pain

It is burning
Into the thin air
Of the nature
Of a culture
On the dark side
Under the moon
The wolves gather

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Comments from YouTube:

Celestial Aeon Project celtic music & epic music

The first time I heard this tune I was mesmerized. I had listened to Ulver before Eos of course and already knew what I was playing around with, but still, Eos broke through every barrier in my soul. If I'd have to choose one tune to play in my funeral, it would be this.

Celestial Aeon Project celtic music & epic music

This tune is like condensed, concentrated sorrow, bottled and turned into sound. Full of fragile beauty


Yeah it actually always makes me depressed but I can't keep my handy from it

Kameron Griffis

I never cry in movies, books or any music. But this song makes me cry every time I listen to it

Ujjaya Ethno ambient

Shiva Shiva is praised here. He is the lord of tears

Melissa Zelaya

2022 y está canción aún me hace recordar ese 2015 dónde imagine muchas cosas buenas para mí.. cuando en realidad comenzaba mi infierno y está canción siempre fue mi refugio ante el miedo de esas frías noches que rogaba por no sentir más dolor y ahora solo espero no vivir nuevamente eso ....

cose cadute per terra

A warm feeling in winter... still good in a lonely summer night

cose cadute per terra

and now... winter is coming, slowly creeping, freezing my legs.

Dragos Udrea

I´m very happy with the direction they took after their black metal records.

Dragos Udrea

@A. Murat Eren This is so uplifting.

Suppose I´m living that actual black metal phase you're talking about. Simply put, I can't listen to anything of ''lesser'' quality.

Regarding Goretex, this is so problematic. Whenever I stumble upon a great band, I end up buying the record. This happened when I found Drudkh's, Blood In Our Wells.

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