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Ulver Lyrics

I want you
To tell me

Who you are
In your dreams

Who is there
And is it beautiful

Like music

Do you know
If it is a word

Is it love

Does it hurt
Deep inside

Like music

Can you hear it
It is fading

Contributed by Bella G. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


such a beatiful song. There is melancholy there, but also hidden power, that is how I feel it.


One of my alltime favourites by Ulver. Both the music and the lyrics are made of pure and beautiful melancholy.

r h



im crying right now. i cant believe how much this music is affecting me. i need this album.

Paula NM

Every night, before sleeping


So you were sleep-typing?

David Dias

And 1 year later you like my comment ahahah

David Dias

your comment made me smile cause I'm just falling asleep to this :)


my favorite album!!!!


@thisholyreality6 I empathize with your sentiment about this disc; when my local LP store reopens, I am off to obtain a copy even if I must ask them to order it in. This is one of the most moving works of music available to modern humanity. I hope that some day musicologists hail this album as one of the most important works of the turn of the 21st century. "EOS" has brought tears to my eyes just imagining it with my silent mind. The Poetry, The Music, The Meaning, The Emotion, This is The Art!

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