Ulver Lyrics

For those
Who used to be
And now are
In the dark
Light a candle

And say their name
One last time
Let them go
We will follow
When time comes
To pray for life
To begin again

To eternity

A flower will open
On the grave

Contributed by Bella G. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


amazing how ulver can change their sound so drastically. Listen to Nattens Madrigal anf then listen to this, its insane.


i just had to put this on my favorites its so awesome and beautiful. there is no song that could make me feel like this


i've been waiting a long time for this song and finally Somebody composed it

Austin Jennings

Oh, I see what you mean. I guess there are some that come close, those albums are just so classic that it could be easy to be seen as ripping them off. There are definitely some bands that are in similar veins though.


I know two great songs with the same song title. Ulver's and Iced Earth's Solitude.


Oh, I'm not complaining at all about them changing their sound, I personally like their new stuff even better. I just wish there were still some black metal bands that played like Ulver used to. I mean, you have good black metal groups still, but not really that style.

zzi pas



a flower will open on the grave

Austin Jennings

Those albums were pretty much perfect; if they'd kept making them they would have been just another boring BM band after a while.

Nicholas Maidana

praaaaaaaaaaaaay for loove

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