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Creak In The Door
by Mick Flannery

I told you before ‘bout that creak in the door,
what time do ya call this?
The dogs bowl is empty
and the scuttle needs coal,
so be done ‘fore your father gets in?

Where the hell is your brother?
Is he playing cards again?
Don't he love his mother?
Why can't he find some friends?

So you're in, I'm ill, will you bring me my glass,
and roll one while you're there.
There's bread in the back but it's of the last
So leave your father a share.

Did you talk with Luther this evening?
I heard ‘bout what he's done.
No I haven't seen him,
I think he's on the run.

Ma I won't wanna tell my friends
‘bout when I was young.

There's a twenty on the table, will you go to the town?
A bottle and a packet of skins.
And ask for your brother while you're down.
You're gonna find out where he's been.
I tried and tried to help him,
You know don't ya son?
Yeah, I know what you tried ma,
I know what you've done.

And I won't wanna tell my friends
‘bout when I was young.

Writer(s): Michael Flannery

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