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Sevdaliza Lyrics

hard faced gentle
soldier meant for
depression is a virus
that could undermine us
heroes never cry
headaches blend all
work hard spend all
character assassination
an inverted phase
the enemy is us

i could never make you love me

clear the way
not to mind
teach to walk
not to find
hopelessness it causes
targeted rejection
of ourselves
of the masses
we want for ourselves
what we don't want
for our children

i could never make you love me

Contributed by Samuel N. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Desué Flores

Sevdaliza 🖤

Serena Barton

If I could get pregnant by a song, this would be it.

Kinda of classy Kinda Chola

Serena Barton, lollll🤣

Nyheim Moore

her music was never ment for the human race she is in another level another dimension
Thank you truly sev I love you so much

Chumba Wumba

id have to strongly disagree... her music is MORE human than almost any other

t i l e n n t i a

Sister D Yo that shit scary af. Please respect her.

Kinda of classy Kinda Chola

Nyheim Moore,

Nurse 7Love

She sounds like Sade but a futuristic Sade

Charles Campos


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