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Before Paris
Tom Misch Lyrics

If you're starting to try to be a musician or artist
Something like that, because you wanna make money,
Because you wanna do a job, that's- that's the wrong way
You have to do this because you love it
And it doesn't matter if you broke, you still gon' do it
I mean, I go out to jam sessions, and I play
Regardless of whether I'm getting a check or not
It's, it's about whether I, uh, you have to love this thing, man!
You have to love it, and breathe it and
It's, it's your morning coffee, it's your- it's your food
That's why you become an artist
Art is a mirror of society, you know

Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group
Written by: Jamie Houghton, Thomas Abraham Misch

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Comments from YouTube:

Rebecca Kim

Still waiting patiently for that Masego + Misch collab.

I can't wait for this sick album to drop though!


Mr.Misterman No problem 😊


Skyward 63 Damn. I have been an idiot all along *facepalms* I seriously read that first comment wrong.


Mr.Misterman You don't get it, where are talkin about a full album with a Masego collab


Ben Mitchinson

Ben Mitchinson

... what?

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wow the beautifully artistic opening and the drum and bass in this is making me move. I still find it crazy how you can make a song that has so much hype and chill at the same time.

Gabe Green

“If you start trying to be a musician or artist because you want to make money, because you want to do a job. That’s the wrong way. You have to do this because you love it. It doesn’t matter if you’re broke, you’re still going to do it. I mean, I go out to jam sessions and I play regardless of whether I’m getting a check or not. You have to love this thing man. You have to breath it. It’s your morning coffee, it’s your food. That’s why you become an artist. Art is a mirror of society.”


The first concert I went to was his, in Paris. I can relate to this album on sooooome level that no one could even understand, from the few things that I've heard so far.
In a nutshell, damn son, you did it again, making my soul twerk


Nerotsa awe!!

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