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80purppp Lyrics

To the East and the West I'm rackin' up all my bread, uh
Power on me I'm feelin' just like a Tesla,
Too much tree the smoke is makin' my chest hurt,
Girl on me I'm thinkin' I should arrest her

Ey, I'm thinkin' I should arrest,
All night long she puttin' me to the test,
Gotta lot on I'm tryna take off the rest,
Cleaning up my lines I say nothin' but the best

Hey girl you're the cutest that I seen,
So bright I'm not using my visine,
Gotta get it likely or I'm ending my life see,
So beautiful like outta my dreams

Hey boo I'm hollering at you,
Not rude I'm just tryna be your dude,
So what I gotta do just to see how that ass move,
So beautiful sorry to be crude

Yo b I'm makin' the next move,
And know me I'm nothing but just smooth,
Low seats I'm settin' the right mood,
All these other rappers they talking,
They just food

I'm talking to just you,
You talking to one dude,
You rockin' with one dude,
And if I get it right then I'll turn off the lights soon

Hey girl you wanna be my world,
Get showered with diamonds and some pearls,
Not trying to make you my night girl,
Imma treat you right like I'm a knight, girl

Hey fam I'm tryna be your man,
Me talking to you is God's plan,
No I do not want a one night stand,
Take you round the world just grab on my right hand

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Every single minute (you know), you know I want you baby You can steal this feeling (you know), you'll never be the same I- I want you like I need it (like I need it), them other niggas think I- I know that you can feel it (i need), this love got me insane Magic in the eyes, surprise (aye) I want to be the one that take you out all night, all right And if you wanna me to be here, only one I'd die Cause' every time I take a look at you, I feel alive Anything you need is true, and every morning when I wake up I be thinking about you Go to movies, turn around and then we picking and choose And you the last damn thing that I'm hoping to lose Wanna take you home boo babe You the only person who don't care about a check Imma love you down until there's nothing to love back You deserve real time cause you wanted love me We can move around until there's nothing but love mess Driving around town when I'm with you, I feel blessed Fingers to my hair and my back under my chest Imma hold you down until I feel the one best Every single minute, you know I want you baby You can steal this feeling, you'll never be the same I- Fuck-

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