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Story Of A Snitch
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Deuce Yo, I guess we all change sometimes. Some for better, and…
Deuce (Ex. Hollywood Undead) Yo, I guess we all change sometimes. Some for better, and…

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Comments from YouTube:


This is pretty sad, cause Deuce and J-Dog were bestfriends :'(

Princess Undead

@deltadog plus duce is the one who decided to not put in any effort or even try in the end. He was being a asshat and they needed to move on and continue their lable. Dont talk shit on Danny when Danny actually stayed and did shit.

Princess Undead

@StillNazo thats what im saying once he joined they stopped throwing shots at each other besides hu lights out. And then it was over, never did duce or any of the band members continue the drama.

Princess Undead

@Rylen c chill tf out it aint like yall homies or sum. And genuinely I like hu and duce but he deserved to get kicked out he didn't put effort in the end but hes doing his own thing and so are they. Get over it move on and just stop, the guy said he didn't mean what he said and ur still talking shit grow a pair

Jeremiah Garmon

It’s a diss against most of the members j-dog was his best friend, j3t and Charlie talk about meds not sure about the lorene drive part but most of it is about him and j-dog

Alyssa Madrid

And if you here the songs that were towards him on the american tragedy album j-dog raps first (so yeah this song is towards him) and also deuce wanted j-dog to leave with him

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Nagini Sabboth

...Casually enjoys both Deuce and HU while fire falls from the sky around me.. o-o

Miranda Michaelis

Same just a few years later

David Hobbs

Might be 4 years old but you get a like for having a picture of the greatest dog in gaming history 😀

That One Gurl


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