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Feel It In The Air
Beanie Sigel Lyrics

I can feel it in the air
My Spidey-Senses is tinglin'
(Feel somethin') Got my radars up
I can feel it in the air

Somethin' going on, I feel funny
Can't tell me nothin' different, my nose twitchin
Intuition setting in like Steve vision
I still close my eyes, I still see visions
Still hear that voice in the back of my mind
So what I do? I still take heed, I still listen
I still paint that perfect picture
I still shine bright like a prism
My words still skippin' through air
I know you can't, don't, won't get it
You niggas chose to ride that ship, sunk with it
I'm still afloat
I ain't the captain of the yacht but I'm on the boat
I ain't actin' what I'm not knowin' that I don't
You niggas acting like you will, but I know you won't
I read between the lines of the eyes and your brows
Your handshake ain't matchin' your smile, uh-uh, you niggas foul

I can feel it in the air
I can feel it in the air
I can feel it in the air
I can hear it in your voice
I can feel it in the air

I sit alone in my four-cornered room staring at hammers
Ready to go bananas
Two vests on me, two TECs, extra clips on me
I know my mind ain't playin' tricks on me
I ain't schiz', homie
Ain't nobody dropped a mick on me
Its like they tryna plot or sit on me
I hear this voice in the back of my mind
Like "Mack, tighten up your circle before they hurt you"
Read they body language
Eighty-five percent communication non-verbal
Eighty-five percent swear they know you
Ten percent, you know they stories
Man, the other five, time'll show you, just know you
Then pull they strings, you the puppet-master
Fuck them other bastards, man, watch who you puffin' after
Play your cards, go against all odds
Shoot for the moon, if you miss, you still amongst those stars

I can feel it in the air
I can feel it in the air
I can feel it in the air (I ain't scared, nigga, I ain't goin' nowhere)
I can hear it in your voice (can you feel it?)
I can feel it in the air (can you feel me?)

Can you feel the grim reaper floatin'?
Foul preacher quotin' scriptures from Revelation
To talk shit and got the devil waiting
Body getting stiff, soul levitatin'
Why do I speak blasphemy?
Knowing one day they will ask for me
As for my sins, no one will feel his wrath for me
I go through it so you wouldn't do it after me
As for me, I'm still circling the block before I'm parking
Not bitchin', I'm just still cautious
Same black parka
Same Uzi, extra clip, still clappin' with that same Lorcin
Damn, I feel it in the air, you not sincere
Nigga, it ain't a "us" or "we" or "I'ma" thing
It's a good-bad karma thing, this a song men of honor sing
I swear I feel something, honestly

I can feel it in the air (I can feel it, I can feel it)
I can feel it in the air (I can feel it, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
I can feel it in the air (ooh, yeah)
I can hear it in your voice (ooh)
I can feel it in the air (I can)
I can feel it in the air
I can feel it in the air (I can feel it)
I can hear it in your voice (in your voice, in your voice)
I can feel it in the air

Lyrics Β© BMG Rights Management, CARLIN AMERICA INC
Written by: Dave Lewis, Dwight Grant, Dwight Myers

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If you like this I think you'll really love
album . It's got the jade green cover ... but someone was able to uploaded here with a different cover I think from his Mega philosophy album .
Check out his songs like
( with lyrics , as well as instrumental version )

That whole album is a masterpiece and came out about 3-and-a-half years ago .
The man DEFINITELY SHOULD HAVE WON A GRAMMY for it ... but of course , NO .
Also another great one if you like chill music couple years ago Black Moon after being silent for 16 years came out with a real beauty :

And an oldie but a goodie is
statik selektah's

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About That Tho

This song will forever be fire. πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Sudan ThaGod


javarius mays



Heres my Remixed sample I made from FEEL IT IN THE AIR. Sub to my beats πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Elana *


Rasta Man


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Nicole Simon

This song is reality, sometimes your spirit not sitting right with someone or a vibes is off . Follow your intuition it can save your life.

Kara narelle

Absolutely x

Rebekah Ruiz-Schreiner

This song instantly takes me back to another time.... will never forget it.

ace b

A time when we were young a time when we were invincible a time when our best people were alive....RIP my brothers

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