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Good Morning
Black Thought Lyrics

Good morning
Good morning
Good morning
(Grime Music, bitches)
Hey, good morning
Hey, good morning

Yeah, I'm from the home of the ghost
There's water plugs and wokeness
Water bugs and roaches, drugs and overdoses
How you approach this? Philly is where the dope is
My uncles Reds and Willy is still the goldsmiths
Hold shit steady, we close-knit and deadly as a heart attack
Trust me, the pitbulls is petty
Already infamous, limitless, Getty Images (woo)
Vile temperament, you start shit, we endin' it (woo)
It's mad last wishes, gas mask kisses (oh)
The thin line between savants and savages (oh)
Your life could depend on the laws of averages
The difference between black and white is mad privilege (fuck that shit)
For Lucifer, sun of the morning
Who swore we'd ignored every one of them warnings
But try to run for cover under one of them awnings
'Cause here the storm come
Tell the Lord time for His encore performance

Hey, good morning
Hey, oh, good morning
Good morning
Good morning (fuck that shit)
On the wake up
Dreaming every day tryna get my cake up

I got four million in homes three hours apart
Drug dealer tastes, I think I glow in the dark
I only do features to keep hitting my mark
And show you motherfuckers you ain't good as you thought, let's go
Panamera shopping in the pandemic
The work got grill lines when the pan's searing
Give you the whole clip to let your mans hear it
The pallbearer next to them so they can all fear it
Ulterior motives with the motors
Bulletproof package like I'm POTUS
I'm just cashing in on what they owe us
They say the coming winter is the coldest
Celine fur hanging off the shoulder
What's worse? The gift or the curse?
The only way to celebrate a death is with a birth
That Maybach seat can be converted to a hearse
I mean every word, why you think it's just a verse? I'm gone

Hey, good morning
Hey, oh, good morning
Good morning

Hold on
Just as soon as the sun rise, the night dies
You was building pyramids and African empires
Where pale-skin savages was straight had light eyes
Was still eatin' raw meat and barely could light fires
Before we ever sold cocaine, we civilized Spain
You are not the first black man in the Mediterranean
Shit you lying to impress, you was just the same
I look at you with the disdain of an old shit stain
How you product of a God and you worship a man?
I was God in the flesh before I drove a Mulsanne
Five keys of gold sittin' on my neck in the flame
Surrounded by black women, West African king
And I'm gonna go to Ghana to reclaim my name
Why these chump rappers rap about the shit they cop?
Man, I cop my block, and this shit don't stop
I'm the official unofficial mayor of my city
Learned my lesson from the crack trapped in school of high thoughts
Push the D like Pusha T and kept my mind Black Thought
Michael Render is the ender what the fuck you thought?
Michael Render he the ender what the fuck you thought?

Lyrics ยฉ Universal Music Publishing Group, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, WORDS & MUSIC A DIV OF BIG DEAL MUSIC LLC
Written by: Tarik Trotter, Terrence Thornton, Kasseem Daoud Dean, Michael Render

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Comments from YouTube:

Chief Beef

I still can't get over this song. Tariq never miss. Pusha snapped. Killer Mike spazzed too. Fuckin all around A++ track


Iโ€™d like to take this moment to thank God that Swizz didnโ€™t drop a verse.

Schematic B

@BigDapPacino Was that a pun?

Gemini GOD


joey rivers


ricardo williams

Can the church say Ase

Damone Stephens

Swiss ainโ€™t that bad. I wouldnโ€™t have minded

127 More Replies...

Fabian Parson

"Before we ever sold cocaine we civilized Spain" Killer Mike just killed that verse! Nothing but Electricity on this song! Love it!


@Gtfoh Once again there were Christian Moors don't make this a religious thing they didn't .


@Jimmy Watt The Moors were not all of Islam . There were many religions . Islam was one of the more popular religions amongst the Moors. Also not all Islam is sharia law.

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