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The Seed
The Roots Lyrics

Knocked up nine months ago
And what she's fittin' to have she don't know
She wants neo soul cause hip hop is old
She don't want no rock and roll
She want platinum, ice and gold
She want a whole lot of somethin' to fold
If you a obstacle she just drop you cold
'Cause one monkey don't stop the show
Little Mary's bad
In these streets she done ran
Ever since when the heat began
I told the girl, look here
Calm down I'mma hold your hand
To enable you to keep the plan
'Cause you was quick to learn
And we can make money to burn
If you allow me the latest game
I don't ask for much but enough room to spread my wings
And a world fittin' to know my name

I don't ask, for much these days
And I don't bitch and whine if I don't get my way
I only want to fertilize another behind my lover's back
I sit and watch it grow standin' where I'm at
Fertilize another behind my lovers back
And I'm keeping my secrets mine
I push my seed in her bush for life
It's gonna work because I'm pushin' it right
If Mary dropped my baby girl tonight I would name her rock and roll

Cadillac needs space to roam
Where we headin' for she don't know
We in the city where the pro shake rattle and roll
And I'm a god dang rollin' stone
I don't beg, I can hold my own
I don't break, I can hold a chrome
And it's weighin' a ton and I'm a son of a gun
My code name is the only one
And Black Thought is bad
These streets he done ran ever since when the game began
I never played the fool
Matter of fact I've been keeping it cool
Since money been changin' hands
And I'm left to shine, the legacy I leave behind be the seed that'll keep the flame
I don't ask for much but enough room to spread these wings
And a world fittin' to know my name, now listen to me

I don't beg from a rich man
And I don't scream and kick when his shit don't fall in my hands, man
'Cause I know how to still
Fertilize another against my lovers will
I lick the opposition cause she don't take no pill
Oh you know the deal you'll be keeping my legend alive
I push my seed in her bush for life
It's gonna work because I'm pushin' it right
If Mary drops my baby girl tonight I would name her rock 'n roll

Oh break it down, down for me
I push my seed somewhere deep in her chest
I push it naked cause I've takin' my test
Deliverin' Mary it don't matter the sex
I'm gonna name it rock 'n roll

I push my seed in her bush for life
It's gonna work because I'm pushin' it right
If Mary drops my baby girl tonight
I would name her rock 'n roll
I would name her rock 'n roll
I would name her rock 'n roll
I would name it rock 'n roll

Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.
Written by: Chestnutt Cody, Tarik L. Collins

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Dusty the 2nd

@feske007 I know but they do not get the meaning. Let me tell you. Here you go from 3 comments from some wise people.
I'm definitely going to have to side with to be forgotten on this one. Guys, The Roots aren't like Eminem or Q-Tip, their lyrics tend to actually be poetic and have hidden meanings. I don't think you can just accept the literal interpretation for this song.

I interpret the song to mean that they are attempting to unite the rock and roll and hip hop genres. In this case, they are trying to plant the seed of hip hop within the womb of rock and roll. He's having to do "fertilize another against my lover's will" because hip hop is resistant to integrating other musical styles. This interpretation is supported by the lines in the first verse that go:

"She don't want no rock-n-roll
She want platinum or ice or gold
She want a whole lotta somethin' to fold"

The lines are describing the hip hop culture obsession with money and "bling." Whereas, "I lick the opposition because she don't take no birth control" signifies that rock and roll is open and willing to integrate influences from other genres.

If you're still doubtful, just listen to the beats underlying the song. You have the heavy beats that are commonplace in hip hop and then the distinct guitar riff.
deranged_one_13on March 06, 2005 Link
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General Comment
I think...that Black Thought..or Cody ChestnuTT, the narrator in general, is trying to leave his mark on the world. This is obvious, however, with "keep my legend alive." However, he's not just trying to leave his legacy of himself, but the actual legacy of music, more specifically, Rock & Roll.

However, he's..."fertilizing another behind my lover's back," thus making Rock & Roll the estranged child. Possibly noting the actual birth of Rock & Roll, which is 'the estranged child of Jazz'.

Absolutely brilliant song.
tobeforgottenon December 30, 2004 Link
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General Comment
ROFL at hastalavictoria

i agree with the theory that the song is about the narrator leaving his mark on the world, through a child, and musically aswell.

"She want neo-soul, this hip-hop is old
She don't want no rock-n-roll
She want platinum or ice or gold"

i think this part was talking about the changes in mainstream, mainly hip hop music.

uhh duh. but that's my two cents :-)
So what do you guys think now?? D2

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Good Music is timeless,not only in 2021...if we would live in the Year 2500 we would hear it!

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2021 and still epic.

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The Roots must be one of the most underrated bands ever

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