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Anything That Helps
Bridge Underwater Lyrics

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Take a Piece of Me I was thinking we shouldn′t worry Everything that needs to b…

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​@Castle AnthraxSo your logic = Don't build a bridge and use that money on food right?
So instead the drivers will spend millions on gas driving an extra 20 minutes a day, fast forward a few years and all that extra driving and waste will have caused more harm to the planet, and wasted more money on not only fuel, but car maintenance because more miles driven.

This is a good example for anyone who wants to understand what goes through the mind of someone of low intellect. They can't fathom other possibilities, they cannot theorize or think outside the box. They are left with ONLY what they see.

If humanity only thought like you, then we would still be using fire from lightning strikes and never learning to make it ourselves.

It might surprise you that there is enough money in the world to build a bridge and feed the hungry. It's people like you that think because A happens, B cannot. You realize there is so many variables and factors in life that cannot be simplified by something as asinine as that.

I could argue, "Instead of you making this comment, you could have gone and helped a hungry person."
It's nonsensical and completely useless to argue.

People will always be hungry, the problem is, the majority of those could probably do something about it, but you get people that get used to being "taken care off" that they just let others do it for them. Leeches are on society are what drain our money, not bridges. People who want something for nothing.

It's basically expecting a fire to burn without fuel.

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Umar Abdullah

That would be scary to be inside a pit surrounded by walls of water.


I live in the netherlands, this is my entire life.

Luke Maunder

nahhhhhh (yeah)


@imchessman me, who can’t swim: because


Yup absolutely!
Prank your co-worker by playing a creaking sound followed by rushing water while dumping water on them!! 🤣

Shawn Conde

New Orleans

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Aloha Jinny Park

It's quite amazing. I've always wondered how something like a oil station gets built in the middle of the sea. the human race has become so intelligent when it comes to science/architect etc. Building stuff like this and skycrapers while I'm struggling to fix things in my home. Lol


oil rigs are actually built on land then tugged out to the site at sea.

rob roy

@grafton holler nope, not only white men. stop making this about race.

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Amazing how they get those bridge sections perfectly aligned with each other.

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