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An Introduction
Bridge Underwater Lyrics

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C.O.T.A. A destiny, a life, decided by our choices Picking the right…
David Ramirez I've stood in Roman Cathedrals, Prayed in Southern Baptist C…
Joel Plaskett Emergency Yeah, loved i've been I don't know (?) I even liked our…
Mr. V Smoke and choke and roll a blunt with me Smoking…
The Broken Keys I'm, I'm good at wasting time, I think lyrics need to…

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Comments from YouTube:

Blackwater House

In My youth, (I’m now 64) I knew a Concrete Engineer who had to design a Concrete which could be poured in the Extreme Heat Conditions found at the Woomera Rocket Range in Outback Australia, without becoming prematurely dry and becoming brittle.

Then he had to design a Concrete which could be poured underwater and which would then repel the Water and Set as required.

Blackwater House

@Paul Dunne Yes he did. And that knowledge is doubtless still being used in projects all over Our Modern World.

Paul Dunne

Two different extremes to work on with concrete. Did he actually succeed in designing the two different ways of doing the concrete settings?


How do they make the concrete waterproof?

Joshua Abulu

How are the pipes even driven into the water in the first place? Can cofferdams be built only at the edge of the water where it's shallow?


Same question. I came here to find that out but

Lemon blossom

Useful clip!

Michael Biado

Great work..

Mohd Ashfaq Khan

Great job

Jijin CK Alanallur

Nice work

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