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Mirror Out Of Time
by Casus Belli

Marching through time every
Passing day of my life
Seems like it doesn't exist
I'm wasting my time
Waking memories of a life
With which I've never agreed

But how can I change everything
And forget that my life
Someday'll come to an end
And how can I stop all
This marching of time
Which is killing and making new lives

Facing the power of yesterday
I feel like I'm old, weak and tired
The only escape is another life
Without time or any desire

I know where to find it,
I know where to search
To make my life again
In a place where myself
Will be a two-faced man
The one real and the other a lie

Visions are calling me
To hide my destiny
And save my power for life
Escaping from my misery
By facing the reality
Just like a mirror out of time

Memories of suffered life:
Break the mirror
Visions are calling me to hide
Crash the mirror

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