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As Time Decides
Morifade Lyrics

Music: J. Johansson / F. Eriksson / Lyrics: J. Johansson

I see myself
I am spinning around
Trapped in a circle
A journey through time

The years turn away
How long will I stay?
The wheels keep on turning
As fate controls my day

Each movement seems to be
Controlled by destiny
Am I lost or am I free?

Time marches on and on
Turns to pass me by
Never falling
Always calling
To decide my destiny

Am I trapped in a dream?
A never-ending stream
Of minutes and hours
A pace too extreme

My life seems confined
By the hands of time
Forever and ever
A never-ending rhyme

Contributed by Kayla E. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Neo Valis

His voice reminds me of the Dream theater singer a bit,still this is very good!

Imkum kichu

This is the kind of music i am searching..hail metal


i feel very lucky to have accidentally stumbled upon this awesome band love the sound and is it me, or does the singer have a bruce dickinson-esque sound?


"The best I do not tire of this song." Yes everyone is in agreement with that ;) Morifade thank you very much!


Great song... This band deserves more attention...

Martin Löfgren

The intro gave me chills all over my body... the rest of the song kept the chill just coming... I LOVE IT!


Nice music , true power / epic band , good job morifade !

jeremy bilbrey

Stefan Petersson was my favorite Morifade singer...


So much ! I love his voice... these three albums with him was so great and underrated. I would have liked to hear him again...

Ted Forkéus

This band were GREAT as support band for sabaton, its as you say, they need more attention

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