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by Cloven Hoof

Never pay no heed to those who oppose my lifestyle
Feel no remorse for the wrong that I've done
I constantly abuse all who try to use me
Like a fallen angel banished from the sun

Cause I'm the Night Stalker, feel the cold caress of knife
Stealthily advancing to cut out your life
Yeah the Night Stalker, assassin at your back
Skulking in the shadows poised for attack

Prowling these streets at night,
I fight a deadly game of survival
Stealing through the concrete jungle with bloodlust in my brain
All here fear me I'm ruthless as I'm godless
A preditor of the side walk in his alley-way domain


Society brands me a homicidal madman,
But they cannot cage what they cannot see
When I'm coming you as good as a dead man
Ain't no one alive that can elude me


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Comments from YouTube:

Jamie Warrior Warlord McCallum

bad ass track from nwobhm band cloven hoof underrated and perfect. they should of been huge. nightstalker sounds like a slasher movie. love it though creepy and dark in a fun way. #nwobhmforever  killer metal song.

Tequilles GR


Black QuickSand

Cloven Hoof...what a early trend setter....Paved the way for other bands very underrated...

saul fraser

Amazing nwobhm!! .definitely about Richard Ramirez. See you in Disneyland! \m/


Awesome album!


It's about Ramierez, the serial killer who roamed LA during the mid 80s. The media nicknamed him Nightstalker


Me gusta mas la version de flagellator pero esta suena deliciosa xd



Thierry Deneault


Jeffrey Newhook

Just discovered these guys. Kick ass band that should of been more popular in the US. Very thrashy sounding trend setting bad ass nwobhm.

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