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Queen of Desire
by Ostrogoth

Do you feel the pain that's hurtin' my brains?
It's here again, I'm really insane.
She has the power to enter my soul.
No one escapes her, I'm losing control!
She's dressed.
in black, a real spider.
Ànd they call her the queen of desire.
I met her at midnight, a smile on her face, a magical ride, so we walked into space, She has that terrible look in her eyes!
Cryin' won't help, she's driving me wild.
Please, take a chance on me.
What's the use, Iill die tomorrow.
But today: a last recall of my life; future please, I lean on you!!
When she comes ready for me, What should I cry for another day?
She's a winner, she's a killer.
No one can deny, and she's there, taking me high.
Please stay with me!
Don't you mess too long with me 'cause our love should die.
You see, she only plays a game.
In her dreams she enjoyed that I crashed so mean.
That girl, God, she just got seventeen!
Hey butcher, pray for the hell ín my life.
What should I care for, cause in 24 hours I'm in heaven, in hell: to me a final escape, the end (takin' me high).
Please stay with me!
Do you feel the pain that's...

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