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Converge Lyrics

Dear, I'll stay gold just to keep these pasts at bay
To keep the loneliest of nights from claiming you
and to keep these longest of days from waking you
For I felt the greatest of winters coming
and I saw you as seasons shifting from blue to grey
That's where the coldest of these days await me
and distance lays her heavy head beside me
There I'll stay gold, forever gold


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Comments from YouTube:

Robert Renbjør

This sounds like your body is recieving massive amounts of radioactive energy in a blink of an eye, the music wouldn’t sound like this if the vocals were mixed ‘’properly’’.

J.R. Huffnstuff

@Jordan James Matt Ellard*

Jordan James

Kurt Ballou baby. One of my fav engineers

Matthaios Vaf

This accomplishes more in seventy-nine seconds than what most bands achieve in a lifetime.

Black Sail Pass - Guitar Covers

But enough about my sex life.

Sadaboutspace Imhereanyway

@Broda Music right?

Broda Music

Calm down lol

Sadaboutspace Imhereanyway


Vladimir Petrović

Listen Brutal Truth - Walking corpse. Perfection.

Mike S

This album is a masterpiece. There is nothing that sounds anything like it. Just as heavy now as it was 20 years ago.

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