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Anything You Say
Deas Vail Lyrics

Write me down, I am the words: falling apart.
Take this broken world off of my heart.
So I stumble down into the room where the templates are made.
And you show me that somehow I can change these days.

You pulled a part of me I could never understand
Crashing to your side and your breaking up this silence
Never to again let my courage fall.
You try for every moment, walking hand in hand. So encouraging.
I'm continually coming, time and time again for anything you say now. For anything you say now.

For this foreign affair I will abide as the middle man.
Cause the solo cry is more than I can stand.
So I walk on air, and awkwardly seek out a child's form.
And I know that you won't lead me to the storm

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Comments from YouTube:

Julian Ordoñez

Me pregunto quién le dio dislike a éstas canciones? Son hermosas 😍😍😍

Rachel Rachel

Também gosto muito



Danny Herrera

Sweet! Love this song! Thanks for sharing!

Alyssa Lauer

@spscarter this is the newer version!


October 2019


The vocalist of this band sounds like Kellin from Sleeping With Sirens 😂😭👏🏼

Dulce Mendez

So true