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Im Just Talking
Dom P Lyrics

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Tammie Rashida Price McLaughlin

Tears fill my eyes evidence that I ve cried
Cement paved walkways covered in blood that has dried
Stronger in the mind
Thoughts of the seasons to rewind
Play ever so gently on the treble of my eyesight
Never to be confused with the window of my soul that shines ever so bright
One time ride by one time we fly
Exposure to negatives
Directions to where ya live
Antidote to sedatives
Ripped ya own medicine
Downlow and beared for sake of your leisure
Body parts and brain fragments
A gift
Left in your freezer
Yeah Goofy thats me
Think you know my name
Material for your bars
Ghostwriter stolen claim to fame
undercover stars
Shame on you and yo crew boo!
Not ya homie past comments forgiven
Grow up Blow up
Twice ya played
Hunger made me stay
Look da other way
Fo' ya get spayed
One life live
Now dats a true story
He da baby father
Betta call Maury
Eat live drink and be cautious
Meal ticket on ya grind
Remain nauseous
Feet nails and my hair did
Grown woman status
20 yrs ago still aint a kid
Peace and much of props
To those before Shida
Maybe this time honesty
Will apply
Not the uncontrolled hand
To beat her

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This tape need to be on apple bruh. This whole tape a fuccin classic

Elias Pierce


Trey Brandon

All facts !!!

Daniel Archuleta

Fucking legends never die

Relle Scenic


Daisy Jones

I’m sayin’


This song is hella slept on it’s crazy

Dr Fuimaono

Let’s keep it that way… it’s like a private club lol

KC balboa

I slept on this song fo years after I heard the album back in ‘12 . Then the homie played it in 2016 & was like “when dom drop this ?” 😂 it’s just one of them hits that went way over peoples heads

Jay Grant

*this album 🏌🏽

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