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Mother Knows Best
Donna Murphy Lyrics

You want to go outside? Why, Rapunzel!
Look at you, as fragile as a flower
Still a little sapling, just a sprout
You know why we stay up in this tower

I know but

That's right, to keep you safe and sound, dear
Guess, I always knew this day was coming
Knew that soon you'd want to leave the nest
Soon, but not yet


Shh! Trust me, pet
Mother knows best
Mother knows best
Listen to your mother
It's a scary world out there
Mother knows best
One way or another
Something will go wrong, I swear
Ruffians, thugs, poison ivy, quicksand
Cannibals and snakes, the plague

No! Yes! But

Also large bugs
Men with pointy teeth, and
Stop, no more, you'll just upset me
Mother's right here
Mother will protect you
Darling, here's what I suggest
Skip the drama
Stay with mama
Mother knows best

Got ahead, get trampled by a rhino
Go ahead, get mugged and left for dead!
Me, I'm just your mother, what do I know?
I only bathed, and changed, and nursed you
Go ahead and leave me, I deserve it
Let me die alone here, be my guest!
When it's too late, you'll see, just wait
Mother knows best

Mother knows best
Take it from your mumsy
On your own, you won't survive
Sloppy, underdressed, immature, clumsy
Please, they'll eat you up alive
Gullible, naive, positively grubby
Ditzy and a bit, well, hmm, vague
Plus, I believe gettin' kinda chubby
I'm just saying 'cause I wuv you
Mother understands
Mother's here to help you
All I have is one request

Don't ever ask to leave this tower again
Yes, mother
I love you very much, dear
I love you more
I love you most

Don't forget it
You'll regret it
Mother knows best

Written by: Alan Menken, Glenn Slater

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Chris-Nostalgic VS GoFadamite Productions2020

Gothel: "I love you very much, dear"
Rapunzel I love you more
Gothel: "I love you most"

Me: Err, no. You only love her long sun beam hair, and your youth of looking at how beautiful you look when really you aren't on the outside.

Pascal loves Rapunzel since she was a child and around the whole story, Eugene Flynn who was a comedic self observed thief at first, starts to fall in love with her and actually does love her more compared to you.

You don't love anyone, but yourself!
You abandoned Cassandra, stole Rapunzel away from her royal parents, kept her hidden and abandoned in a tower, get Eugene tied to sail prison to be executed, gag the girl up and bound her in chains under abusive power, stab her harmless beloved partner and chain him to the wall to keep him from stopping your enslavement of the princess healing powers.

You deserved losing that flower hair, since you have an unhealthy care about the hair.

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Prison Mike

when she said “the plague” that hit different nowadays


yet, we r all so sad cuz the coronavirussss

heyrtae ?

deadass when I heard that I went “and i oop”


It's worse when you watch Tangled: the series, you find out that the kingdom is actually called Corona. Even though it was before the pandemic

VictorRuby Barnes

Remember she was born in Corona.

Prison Mike

Aside_TV not you taking a youtube comment so seriously... u must be fun at parties

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"Look at you, as fragile as a flower"
Well look at you, as old as expired milk


Oh boy. I am DYING in laughter😂

phoebe Knight

Young peopleeee know best

Magic River


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