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Flight to Rio
Dr.K Lyrics

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15 that's it We used have our time together. We used to party with…
Intro Goddamn, wassup, nigga? Oh, shit Wassup? Hey, that motherfuc…
that's it We used have our time together. We used to party with…

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Comments from YouTube:


I come from a small town, on the coast of Nova Scotia. My father is a fisherman, my uncle , and my best friend is aswell. I unload the fish draggers and schlep the lobsters off the boats. This song gets my eyes watering almost everytime. Whenever you eat a lobster, or get fish and chips. Remember the men who sail the high seas, risking life and limb to get it. Have a good day everyone


New Englander here. Applied to work at Gorton's at one point. I've been to the Fisherman's Memorial statue.


wow this is so great



Bob Lewis

Thank you for the hard work! Much appreciated! Much respect!

Madeline Poe

Great comment, thank you

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Measly Furball

I remember when I was very little, my dad was cleaning out his music collection. I was playing in the room at the time, not paying much attention, when suddenly this songs drifts out of the stereo and immediately captures me. For years and years afterward, I would hear this beautiful, haunting melody in my dreams. But I could never find where it came from. At one point I was convinced that it didn't exist at all. Until one day, my mom finds a Billy Joel disc shuffled behind the rest of our CDs. We put it into the car, and "We Didn't Start the Fire" fades out, the next song plays. . . and I'm hit full force with this beautiful, longing, driving melody once more. Sheer awe and nostalgia flood through every part of me as I am captured by this song once more. All I could do was sit in stunned silence for the rest of the trip.

I'm certain that no other song will ever give me such chills ever again.

Edit: spelling.

Irene LaPointe

I just saw your post! My son played this for me yesterday on his piano. Can’t believe I never heard it! We’re originally from Long Island and my ex husband played in small clubs with BJ back in the late 60’s
My dad was a merchant seaman, devoted to the sea☺️and I always loved songs like “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald” and John Denver’s breathtaking video of Jacques Cousteau’s “Calypso” but this blew me away yesterday. So glad I found it! I feel the same as you do about it☺️


I feel the same way about this song it gives awesome feelings of nostalgia. I'm a long islander & Billy is just the greatest artist ever, in my opinion of course lol

Christine B

I heard this song for the first time like a year ago in the car and just sat there completely stunned. I'm rarely ever impressed by a song the first go around but this song is the absolute exception.

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