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Here Come The Rome Plows
Drive Like Jehu Lyrics

Sad to say its over now
Here come the huns
Pick a side or pick a spot
Here come, here come the rome plows

Why waste your time?
Here come the huns
Be my date tonight
Here come, here come the rome plows

Cal state, no fun
Stay put, here comes
To clean the slate, to pass the time
To erase, yank crime

Yeah, we're on the receiving end
I never been
Dear heart, dear friend
I never been on the receiving end
Not a scratch, not a dent
I never been on the receiving end, I never been

Lyrics © BMG Rights Management
Written by: John Reis, MARK TROMBINO, Mike Kennedy, RICK FROBERG

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90s post-hardcore is the best, isn't it?

Jan Lewandowski

Yup. One of my favorite genres.

bombay sapphire

indeed, by far my favorite genre

souven ir

This song went up a notch on the badass scale when I found out what a 'Rome plow' actually was.

They were made by the Rome Plow Company in Rome, Georgia for use in Vietnam. Basically an armored version of the plows used for levelling land in construction, fitted with a sharp, heavy blade in front.

Heavy machinegun fire was used to draw people out and kill anybody who ran for it, those who hid were ran down or crushed by falling trees.
Obviously, this practice pissed a few people off when word of it got back to the states.

Peter Cook

Yeah the lines about "I've never been on the receiving end/not a scratch/not a dent" are basically referring to the American privilege of not having the violence of these wars directly impact us and not having the war occur on our soil. Yankee crime.


Listen to these songs if it's hard for you to believe this kind of music had precedent:
Fugazi - "Repeater" ('90)
Unwound - "Antifreeze" ('92) (released '95)
Big Black - "Kerosene" ('86)
Fudge Tunnel - "Grey" ('93)
Helmet - "Murder" ('90)
Sepultura - "Refuse / Resist" ('93)
Quicksand - "Lie And Wait" ('92) (released '93)

One could even go back as far as The Chameleons' "In Shreds" or Gang Of Four's "It Is Not Enough" (both '82)

As great as those songs are, this one by Jehu certainly threw down quite a gauntlet and is in a class of its own.


souven ir - Weird, I had always thought it was about when the Romans conquered Carthage and plowed salt into their soil so they could never grow crops again. (This apparently never really happened, though.)
I remember reading a review of this album in the first issue of Rolling Stone that I got as a subscriber in '94. And I just heard the phrase "Yank crime" in the lyrics, so that ends all these years of wondering where the album title came from...

Henry Cow

Oh thanks, as a roman i was becoming crazy for understand the meaning.


The album being called yank crime makes alot more sense to me now

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John Reis is a fucking methodical beast of a guitarist. Some of the most ferocious, snarling, mind bending guitar sounds I've heard ever. A true guitar hero...

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