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Changed My Mind
E-dubble Lyrics

Always on my mind
如果解得开这难题 我会更加感谢爱情
如果还能怎样努力 我们不会为彼此可惜
You're always on my mind
你给的爱 是我心海 最美的澎湃
You're always on my mind
你给的爱 证明我真的存在
如果能有什么送你 我也不会这样着急
如果某天能再相遇 千万别说你还在伤心
You're always on my mind
你给的爱 是我心海 最美的澎湃
You're always on my mind
你给的爱 证明我真的存在
You're always on my mind
让我依赖 当我孤单 就唤你出来
You're always on my mind 
心有你在 就会有力量再爱
这寂寞城市 再度寂寞了起来 
再看一眼 最爱的脸 
Baby ,Yes I love you ,but good-bye
流下来 泪流下来 因为爱留不下来
You're always on my mind
你给的爱 是我心海 最美的澎湃
You're always on my mind
你给的爱 证明我真的存在
You're always on my mind
心有你在 我就还敢梦想爱


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Ali Baba

@Kunkyard Bullshxt. Eminem is not that important piece of the puzzle. Just random artists standing up and people searching them out because they were tired of mumble rap. Example? Sure:

Look at some upload dates, for example Tom MacDonald:

That was before Kamikaze even came out.

Eminem is just an artist. It was the people (viewers, listeners, rap fans) who were tired of garbage and elevated some artists who didn't do mumble rap. Including Eminem.

Butterfly Effect

I’m finna start rambling. So if you ever come across this, you’ve been warned.

I don’t know where to start, so I’m just gonna type what comes to mind. This man is my favorite rapper, musician, whatever you want to call him. He came into my life when I really needed something like this, and that really means a lot to me. This song really changed me. The emotion in the lyrics, the way he presents it, the way he makes it sound like it’s aimed directly at you. I still get that feeling, to this day. “Fucking with this noose, I promise I can get it untied,” is the best line in any song.

I only have one regret with e-dubble. It’s not any song he released, it’s not an album that I think is weak. It’s that he passed away shortly before I started fucking with him heavy. He left before I could thank him. I don’t care if he would have never saw it, never opened it, never even acknowledged it. I still hold that over my head for some ungodly reason. I never got to thank him for the person he’s turned me into, for looking at life differently, for saving me. It really fucking hurts thinking about it, that if I would’ve listened to him just a month before, I could’ve said something. Anything. Even a little heart emoji. But I was too slow, and I can’t let go of it.

Thank you, e-dubble. Thank you for everything. I hope you’re doing God’s work up in paradise.

I guess this was me letting go. RIP King 🖤

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I love you

killer alien man

I love you too


i love you too


fuck you


love you chubbs and the legend



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Your God

Who remembers grinding ranks on Bo1 and Bo2 while listening to this legends music?


MW2...... oh god.

Sammy Lam

i think we were all gaming to this song 8 years ago

Rich Bott

Also was on wifi back then on around 1mbps download and 312kbps upload with not many connection problems.
Here in 2020 with 400mbps down and 200mbps up and my COD connection is the worst I have ever experienced

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