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Around The Town
Gino Washington Lyrics

Around the town
My lover waits for me
And there she'll be
Around the town

And there I'll stand
Her lovin' man
And 'til the day I die
Never make me cry


Around the town
And my love waits for me
And there she'll be
Around the town

Baby can ya hear me
Always want you near me
Around the town

Come on baby
I don; t mean maybe
Around the town

Writer(s): george 'gino' washington

Contributed by Amelia W. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

RT Lusso

Killer guitars on this what a great track. Thanks for uploading. 🔥

Pinky Roto

Major waxing. The guitars are fantastic this should have been a hit


BEAUTIFUL song. Love this.

Intrepid Alpaca

The public failed when this song was forgotten...



Brad Williams

y'all ever feel like 3d printing guns to this song?

John G. Reinhold

Cultural reset

Tino Luu

Haha yes, in slow mo


Oldies n printagats...

Corey Jones

@Brad Williams You have good taste as well my friend. Can't stop the signal.

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