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Lust For Love
Images In Vogue Lyrics

It hits hard
No doubt
When the truth lies there
Like that

So unashamed
I never lied
Or told the truth

Don't mistake my lust for love
Don't mistake my lust for love

How do you look at me now
You can tell me how
Should I leave
Or wait around

If there's a chance you'll change your mind
I'll wait around
I'll wait around

You mistook my lust for love, didn't you?
You mistook my lust for love, didn't you?
Didn't you?

I've been through this all before
It's nothing new
Run and hide
I'll disguise
But the fact remains the same

Don't mistake my lust for love
Don't mistake my lust for love
Oh, did you?
How could you?
Why would you?


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Comments from YouTube:


Some really great 80's new wave, too bad more people don't know about it.


One of best new wave songs of the 80's.


@ledsith What's wrong with it? Name 3 better new wave tunes?


Not .

donna ly

i still LOVE this song the 80s had some really good band and alot were from CANADA


Relax on the pride there, Canada ha great artists but let's face it - the best came form the UK - so much more music you've likely never even heard of just in local bands that play and write circles around this stuff


Ah, yes. That brief moment in his life when Harry Potter decided he wanted to be a New Wave artist instead of a wizard.


that's hilarious!!

Byron Dunbar

The vocalist sounds like Peter Murphy. :O

Gods Gift Maggot

@Buggernut I was joking. . . . . .FYI Images in Vogue will be on cEvin's Patreon toady 5/17 @ 2:00 PM Pacific

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