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Jared Evan Lyrics

I can't move away from what I need (chea!)
I can't move
Frozen (I said I'm frozen)
I can't move away from what I need

[Verse 1:]
I heard a priest got shot yesterday
For no reason now I hope hes where the heavens lay (heavens lay) [fades out]
Ya I hope hes in a better place, hes looking at life like the enemy
When really life is a friend to me, there's? get it hot like the end of may

Money will never make cents let it change
Haha get it? let it change
And in case I ever edit what I say
I just hope that we are living for a better day

If I could write a letter to the world
This is everything that I would have the letter say

I can't seem to move in this place I'm in
I'm frozen [x2]
I can't move away from what I need

[Verse 2:]
I know this pretty girl that got sent away
Shes looking at life to a century
Shes got light skin and shes featherweight
And never thought that she would make that mistake

The lights in the car went out
And the cops came following to take away her license plate
She fell asleep at the wheel n got the brakes
And now shes living life at a different pace

She killed her best friend and she can't erase
The fact that it happened so we ain't got time to waste
The only time we got is the time we make
And that time can never be replaced

I can't seem to move in this place I'm in
I'm frozen [x2]
I can't move away from what I need

[Verse 3:]
The economy is so bad
It's like there's no gas
I have a neighbor that has no dad
So he becomes angry n so sad

And prays to god that he will flow past
And in the moment, these things feel like movies
But his life is broken n there's no cash
I won't brag about what I do have

And I'll never complain about what I don't have
Cause what I don't have, keeps me better still
So don't ever try to put me on this peddistill
I had a best friend who's in heaven now
And I just keep on wishing that they let him down

I can't seem to move in this place I'm in
I'm frozen [x4]
I can't move away from what I need

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Comments from YouTube:

Filipe Losoft

Voltando aqui para ouvir esse Hit maravilhoso.

Kyle Collins

I first heard this song while in a hard place, and its been an insperation ever since. -SilverWire

Eduardo Reyes

2022 about to start and I'm still rocking this one. gracias bro!!!

Bex Cummings

2019? On repeat in my iTunes and I thank you so much for this. This is everything I feel Keep going hard

Josiah Marin

One of my favorite songs, I went on itunes and it said i heard this song 2000 times lmao

Klēn Freak

I feel like this about my life.

Vincent Hunt

great beat and lyrics pretty good

Luke Taylor

Wish this was on spotify


im still tryna figure out why no one has caught on to jared evan yet. one of the best freshmen/lyricist/singer/rappers out there.

Achim Adrian

Very good song. Jared Evan , if you see this comment , I wish you the best things in life for what you are. My favourite rapper. Keep talkin'!

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