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by KASHIWA Daisuke

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Pablo Calculli

For a moment I got scared this wasn't on Youtube anymore.


Mark David Teo

Omg same! I was so angry when I couldn't find it anymore! Thank you so much @teardrop365 for reuploading!!!


Pablo Calculli You're welcome! Hope it doesn't get taken down this time.

The Mighty Gooch

My man's on Spotify but this masterpiece isn't on there...

Wuufi _

It’s weird saying this because I never say deep things on the comment section but I feel like it deserves to be said. :)


It’s weird because I listen to this song a lot now. A person I love deeply, this is his favorite song. When I was in a relationship with him, I asked him what his favorite song is? He told me this song. I first listened to it. I thought the song was good! But, I dismissed it and i was like okay whatever. A couple months later I asked him what his favorite song was. His answer was still the same stating “It will always be my favorite song.” Yet again, I didn’t think much of it besides huh okay different because I’ve never truly found my “favorite song” It usually changes every so often.
A couple weeks after me asking a second time we cut off ties between each other due to some difficulties.
It pained me a lot.
Then I remembered what his favorite song was. I started listening to it again.
Over and over non-stop. It made me think of him and it sparked so many questions.
“I never got to know you all the way. I never realized how much of a mystery you are to me.”
“Why is this your favorite song?”
“I want to know so much more.”
I just wish I had more time to spend with him so I could truly know more about him and why this is his favorite song.what does it mean to him?
I don’t know.
But, I’m thankful I get to listen to this.
If you read this thank you :) have a good day/night!


it might not be too late. I hope they see your comment! It was nice to read


Reminder that Kashiwa Daisuke did music for Makoto Shinkai's movie "Kotonoha no Niwa"

Sailor Scrivner

I wrote two poems to this beautiful masterpiece. They’re kind of long though.

Here is one of them.

May the moon, that pale crescent, that frozen light see through you
And may the sounds of the night surround your soma
May they conjoin into a choir
And may they find that of which they seek
A resonating light that fills a cavity within your chest
May the sounds of the night whisper, finally
A serenade, a greeting, a push so kindly
"There's a warmth, there's a star, there's a spirit, there's a soul in you."

And may you reawaken at last, with the sight to find me
The chaos, the beauty of the world intertwining
May you find my love waiting there, in and of itself, beckoning for you
To step forward into the wheat fields of the meadow
May you see it now, all that I've left here
May you see the lights of the tips of the branches
Radiate from those delicate trees, all uprooting
To walk away, along the fields and then float upwards
Float away from you

Towards the space and the dark of the night, of the vast sky
May you watch as those trees commence to glowing
Those branches chirping, flapping, lifted by more than just the wind
As wind leaves the lungs that took you so
May the flaming branches merge with the storytellers
Those bright hues, those stars, those aching embers
May they write in the sky, those sincerest words
And you’ll see through the tears, that "This world was made for you."

Lucifer The Lost

My fellow poet, what a perfect and moving capture. Please show us the other one


Im in love with this

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