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Slateport City
by Kenji Matsushima Go Ichinose & GAME FREAK

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Morgan Durant

Ding Dong, come on! Walk forward without fear

The scent of the waves blows in on the remnants of a sea breeze
The sun shines through the rifts in the clouds
Making the sea view from the port into a gleaming world

The boat leaving the pier, sail full of wind
Plowing through the waves as it goes...

Ding Dong, listen! The bells are chiming out so loudly
I know tomorrow will soon bring fun
So I can head forward without hesitation

The morning sun rises into the dim moonlit sky
Rising the curtain on the veil of night
Showing a shining future upon the horizon

Tie your shoelaces tightly and kick the pavement lightly
Raise your head up as you go

Ding Dong, come on! Look forward and step into tomorrow
I know people are waiting for me with kind smiles
So I can head forward without fear

Even at sad times when tears are flowing out
Even at harsh times when you're disheartened
The bells chime in your heart...

Ding Dong, listen! The bells are chiming out so loudly
Ding Dong, listen! Their sound is filled with smiles
Ding Dong, come on! Look forward and step into tomorrow

Lalalala Lalalala Lalalala Lalalala...

Onavi 1

Do you have the lyrics in Romaji?


The lyrics are so up beat I couldn't help but smile and sing along. Fits perfectly with the actual music, no wonder Slateport is my favorite city.

Davis Merica

The official lyrics to the Hoenn hype.


is it Christmas or 4th of July?


Christmas in July?

Lord fartamor


The Krookodile Hunter

It's futurama


Monochrome Soul Sorry, I know my question makes no sense, but, this song ( maybe not this specific version.) Would go good in both situations. Wouldn't it?

King of Love

well the japanese don't celebrate 4th of july soooooo................?????????

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