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Foggy Mountain Breakdown
Lester Flatt Lyrics


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Tommy Petraglia

And as St Peter was showing a new arrival around they walked past a room where a big man in a big hat was playing the mandolin and the new arrival sez,

"Oh I see Bill Monroe is here"

And St Peter sez,

"Oh him..?, that's just God... he thinks he's Bill Munroe"

We all are forever greatful for Bill Munroe walking onto the stage at the Grand Ol Oprey that Saturday night in 19 and 28 and said ...

Folks we got something new for you tonight we think you're going to really like

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in the state of Kentucky if this song comes on the radio while you are in a motor vehicle you are legally obligated to get into a car chase

Jay Hale


Marck G


Matthias Cook

Out in the cornfields of Illinois its the same deal

Dave Mcknight

I would like to concur with the poster, same thing in Ontario, Canada!

Dave Mcknight

I completely agree 👍

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I've heard this described as the Stairway to Heaven for banjo. And I just imagine some guy in a banjo store somewhere in Appalachia playing this, and the banjo store owner putting their hand on the banjo strings and pointing to a sign on the wall reading "NO FOGGY MOUNTAIN BREAKDOWN".

Michael Brunner

This and dueling.


@Scott Mcnaughton The Ocoee River is in Georgia where they filmed the escape scenes on the rapids.
Jeff Foxworthy wasn't joking about the 1996 Olympics event being held on the same stretch of river.

Garrison Savage

I feel like they would love it actually cuz its not the easiest song to play by any means, especially fast. They would probably be more annoyed with cripple creek or boil that cabbage down

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