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Mad Martigan Lyrics

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Maybe everyone says this about their childhood, but the 1980's were a great time to grow up. This movie made my summer.

Molasor Rosalom

I had the General Khal toy as a kid, the 80s were the best.

Danko Sekulic

I don't know! I was born in the 80s but this movie stands out of the bunch. A lot of 80s fantasy flicks seemed very cheesy and cheap even back then (on average, 80 SF holds up much better). Some I did like back then but have grown critical of later on, and some, like Willow, hold up surprisingly well ...for me, at least!


I was born in 87 - but I was RAISED on this movie. Every night as a kid if i had a choice for a movie on a rainy weekend or up at the cottage - I chose either this or Stargate from 1994. Good fucking shit.

Arnold Nunez


Charles Seifert


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He was the greatest swordsman that has ever lived.

Dawn Welch

@Maverick and now Airk…was recently announced that Gavin O’Herilhy passed away in September… 😭


I agree, RIP general kael 😢

Private Name

Kael was so badass that he had to be run through with two swords and thrown thirty feet off a bridge, and you're still not really sure he's dead, are you?

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