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A Certain Death
Misery Signals Lyrics

Embrace this sickness with open arms
If you believe you'll run with ghosts.
Pull out the arrows that poison your mind
Look inside and ask yourself why
Why would you really want to live forever
Every breath expelled together

In faith alone in place apart
Be there to meet your maker

Raise your eyes from sleep
Together you will be searching
The answers will never come

And I can't pretend anymore to be a part of this
And I'll leave my burdens at the door
But I'll never walk here again

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Comments from YouTube:

Jake Enderby

I still listen to Controller in my car every single day. Truly a timeless classic in the genre, and the internet’s greatest little secret. Seriously, I wish I could talk about Mis Sigs with actual people in real life... but alas nobody knows they exist.

Oscar Aguiar

We can talk man


Same goes for Hopefall lol. Insane band, but nobody knows them.

Bug 91

Shiiiiit bro I gave the guitarist the one who had the neon green Guitar a handshake at a live show. These dudes helped introduce me to the genre

Wussel Restbrook

I wish I had friends with the same music taste as me :(

Soy Sauce

Greatest band of all-time simply for Controller; that's how incredible that album is. The atmosphere, the lyrics, the versatility, the song structures, the haunting leads, etc.

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My favorite thing about his voice is he enunciates so well. You really notice it on Controller, you can basically understand every word that he's singing. He'll also finish words, instead of just trailing off.


This! Back in 2008 i was still a classic metal guy except for the metalcore scene and lamb of god. I liked when screamers enunciated their words and still do. This album and the vocals are exactly what i mean. Ive since grown to listen to deathcore and other metal genres, but back then i could jam this album all the time


By far, this is the best metalcore band I've ever heard


@Benjamin Yeah it’s probably my favourite guitarwork ever in melodic hardcore. Even better than here, on Controller.

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