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Nat Johnson Lyrics

If I had a dog,
I'd call him to me,
And we would forget about work and everything,
And I would run, and he would run,
And I would call, and he would come

If I had a dog,
I'd tell him my name,
And we would forget about money and everything

And I would throw and he would go,
And I would talk and he would know,

It's important to walk, there are friends left to me,
My dog says forget about it, my dog says let's run in the woods,

I will run and he will run and I will call and he will come,
I will run and he will run,
I will call and he will come,
I will run and he will run,
I will call and he will come.

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Comments from YouTube:

Nat Johnson

My album, 'Neighbour of the Year' is out now! It's available on 10" clear vinyl, CD and digital, featuring 'DOG' and 'Not Now, Horse'.

Justin Johnson


Mark McCluski

This song always brings me tears of joy.

Manisha Mishra

I feel so lucky to have my Lucy!! She is sleeping next to me and sometimes raises her head to stare at me for a minute and then goes back to sleep :)

My dog just spent 24 hours stuck in a well, I'm glad to get him back. I needed to listen to this again. I return to this song at least once a month. For the past 5 years. Thank you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Jeti Marville

i dedicate this song to my loving dogs! :)

Nat Johnson

Thank you SO MUCH for all the love for Dog in the last few weeks!
Here's the live version, from our performance last week at the Lyric Festival:

Ben Blecha

Very sweet and pure!

Ayako Ezaki

I do have a dog and this is how she makes me feel about life :)


Beautiful song. Reminds me of why I love dogs so much.

Óscar A. Montiel

this is so wholesome. makes me tear...

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