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Something Familiar
by Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker

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Comments from YouTube:

Leslie Arriaga


It was something familiar
Like the sound of the sea
I forgot I remembered
Like some lost part of me
It was only a flicker
It was barely a trace
Only there for a second
And then gone from your face
Like the way a tide
Still tethered to the shore
The thought just pulled me
Back to before
I wouldn't say I was lonely
But I know we're alone
And my mind clings to memory
Like a heart to a home
Reflections at sundown
Can make me so sad
For there's no way of keeping
The day we've just had


I walked down the aisle to this. Best day ever

Stephen Bateman

Quiet and intense, Julienne's voice is velvet like Sandy Denny's and Walker’s delicate guitar playing is spared and understated - see them live when you can - Julienne's wry humour is a treat too

Ivan Mendiola

I love Julienne!

Evangelia Ouranitsa

Ωραίο !




thanks spotify

Sarah Kerslake

Beautiful guys ❤️


She's so beautiful.


triste ღϡ₡ღ ♫♫ ♫ƸӜƷ ❀○

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