Original Broadway Cast of Hamilton, Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down): We need your help!

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by Original Broadway Cast of Hamilton

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lin manuel miranda The battle of Yorktown seventeen-eighty-one Monsieur Hami…
Lin-Manuel Miranda The battle of Yorktown seventeen-eighty-one Monsieur Hami…

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Stay Alive Stay alive Stay alive I have never seen the general so despo…

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Comments from YouTube:

Aubrey Cadman

We all know when theatre kids get drafted into world war 3 they're going to be singing this

Gay Kid

Ok four months late but like watch as we all break out into song and dance while there's a whole ass war going on


@PeachTea i fr be reciting "Arron Burr, sir" lyric by lyric


oh you already know i will be screaming this


Very accurate

William Smith

Aubrey Cadman I can just imagine a whole army marching through a field singing this

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Brittany Broquadio

"Black and white soldiers wonder alike if this really means freedom."

Maria Magdalena Oviedo

@Ice Berg Oop sorry- Don't get all cranky I just misunderstood sorry :/

Ice Berg

Maria Magdalena Oviedo The song did, and I’m perfectly aware of what the comment above mine meant, the reason I said what I said was because African American (among other groups) did not have equal rights when slavery was abolished. I thought I made that pretty clear.

Maria Magdalena Oviedo

@Ice Berg They said slavery btw

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