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Restless Eyes
Phoebe Partridge Lyrics

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Janis Ian We have a big house With lots of gardens And children play…

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Daelin Hebner

no one:
hognose snakes: for personal reasons i will be passing away

Natalie Ruelas

Hahaha XD

Ashlee Austin

@unapologetically canadian I'm not trying to sound ugly. However, I dont think you're as intolerable of people playing up mental illness as you say you are or you wouldn't have made your first comment. Just because you say you have depression doesn't give you immunity to say stuff like that. I'm not trying to come down on you but I dont think you should use this disorder to go fishing for support. Some of my friends have actually committed suicide. I dont blame them for their emotions only upset that they didnt share their pain. If you made that comment as a way of sharing your thoughts then I'm sorry.. Though, If that was the case, then share this more seriously with people who love you because if you only joke then they only think it's a joke. Much love, I hope that you dont let the weight of the world drag you down.

Mochi Cat

unapologetically canadian this is gonna sound really forced and I’m sure you’ve hesrd this before but I hope you at least get a little bit better, I know it’s really hard to recover from those sorts of things but I really do hope you get better

Arthur van Essen



unapologetically canadian hey hope you get better😊

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Jayce D'rick

I love how hognoses have an automatic “die” button. They can also respawn. Nice touch.

Maia Dawn Gillespie

Jayce D'rick
Person: Pokes Hognose
Hognose: Dies
Lol 😂


I hear their respawn timers are annoyingly long, though.

Wet floor

They just cook the grenade too long.

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